Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Madison Muskellunges


  In the off-season Daddio re-signed Jason Ross and let Ruiz, Ruth, Ensberg, Quintanilla, Fryman, Seneca and Torres go to free agency. He signed free agents Cunnane, Matos, James, Woods, Mateo and traded for Acosta and Tenbrink. I get what Daddio was trying to do by letting Studs Ensberg,Ruth and Torres go to free agency. Pick up some 1st round Type-A picks w comp picks. Then sign some Type-A replacements. This keeps him under the cap and re-loads his prospect cupboard. Well.....didn't go exactly as planned, his prized Type-A free agents only garnered him 3-2nd round picks and 3-comp picks.Bad luck Daddio. Still Reed and James were good pick-ups and the promotion last year of Hector Pena should help fill the void. I don't see this team winning 110+ games this year, but 100 is possible. They will win this division and be trouble for us in the playoffs. PREDICTION:101-61 (Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: The Muskies are on their way to a 100 win season. They have a comfortable lead on the rest of the division so they should win it. Daddio's team is the best hitting team in the N L (.290 BA). They have more hits (959) ,runs (558) and doubles (189) than any other team. The pitching and fielding is below average but the hitting is so good that it doesn't hurt them. Can they win in the playoffs without good pitching and a average defense? The post-season will be interesting.

Milwaukee Sturgeon




Tacoma Toyotas


  In the off-season Sandberg re-signed Pep Handworth and let Stargell, O'Leary, Sullivan, Pena , Troncoso ,Lomasney and Schoendienst go to free agency. He promoted Cubillan, Dransfeldt, Trombley, McQuillian, Valentine and Kim. Tacoma lost some talent to free agency and picked up a few comp picks. They replaced them with some low level prospects from the farm. Looking at their AAA squad , the Toyotas have some good talent ready for the Bigs. Perhaps Sandberg will wait till after 25 games to call em up, and save a year before Arb. Right now they are a sub-.500 team. If he calls up his stashed prospects..... they will be in the wild-card hunt. PREDICTION: 75-87

AT THE BREAK: The Toyotas are on pace to win 55 games 20 games below my prediction. They could still promote some talent but why bother. This season is pretty much over and Sandberg will get a low draft pick next year. This years draft went well for Tacoma. They grabbed Fausto JohnsonFrank PerezRodrigo Cruz and Fernando Marichal in the first round. It's kinda looking like the start of a re-build.

Chicago Legion


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Dajack re-signed R.J. Lima and Pete Penny .He then let Moses, McNamara, Dawley, Prieto, Clark, O'Conner, Yamaguchi and Ramirez go to free agency. Dajack Claimed J Martin and Graces off the wire and signed free agents Mann, Hamilton, Seneca, B Martin and Yang. Finally he picked up Stanley, Fernandez and Barcelo in the R-5 draft. This is a re-build, plain and simple.Chicago will be lucky to win more than 55 games. MWR rule be damned! They do have some tasty prospects in the pipeline. They still need some cooking though. PREDICTION: 55-107

AT THE BREAK: What can you say! A new owner screwed the pooch and was replaced. Luckily we have some class owners who traded back released players and helped out on budget constraints. I have heard and read that this world has gone to shit . I don't believe it! The way we banded together to fix a problem shows there are many guys who care about Wrigleyville and this game of ours. Well done , It's a honor to write this blog for all of you. Now back to this team(Sorry got off topic)(Whiskey will do that). Greeny9 has come to the rescue and is now the proud owner of the Legion. He will get this team headed in the right direction but it will take a few seasons before they will be a contender. Welcome Greeny.......Like Kermit the frog says. "It's not easy being Greeny"

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