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Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:96-66   The P-dogs were 3rd overall in batting average last season and they were the second best defensive squad. So I'm not suprised that they went after pitching in the offseason.Look for Aarons P-Dogs to take the division again. And perhaps the pitching will help in the post season.

OUT: Walter Kerr , Art Stewart , Phil Satou

IN: Manuel Latos , Alex Gonzales

PREVIEW: Yep Aarons P-Dogs were barking up a storm last year. And their bite was pretty nasty also. The P-Dogs hit .274 and crushed 233 homers and continued to play great defense (84 errors and a .986 FPct). They also had a very good season on the mound with a team ERA of 4.20.All this made the P-dogs the Big Dogs in The AL with the #1 seed in the playoffs.But they were biten by the Moonbats in the second round and were swept in 3. Next year Aaron will have to make sure the P-Dogs get their shots to cure them from Moonbat fever. In the offseason he took Kerr,Stewart and Satou for a ride and dropped them off at the entrance ramp to free agency.The roster was trimmed down to 25 due to the abandonment of the afor mentioned Dogs. They were expendable after last years promotions of Latos and Gonzales.Aarons P-Dogs are a lean mean fightin machine and will probably win the A L North again.If they slip up the Misfits will move in.Hopefully they can get past the post season failures.PREDICTION:96-66

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:83-79  Pbsilver traded for several youngsters last year . And some were put in the bigs right away (Willie Alonso,Thom Gates). And he also promoted Jon Edwards early last year.So its hard to tell how this young team will fare. My magic 8 ball said "Decidedly So"

OUT: Orlando Lee , Tony Rosado , Vic Chavez , Roger Richard , Fonzie Bittle , Len Carver , Willie Alonso , Geronimo Cruz

IN: Omar Perez , Hector Benitez , Glen Trujillo , Mark Phillips , Rheal Scott , Zach Goodwin , Claude Coleman

PREVIEW: I'm glad the Misfits had a better year. My Magic 8-ball pick has not fared well in previous predictions. And Pbsilver looks to put the nightmare of season 16 far in his rearview mirror. Last year the Misfits were a very good hitting team (.280 BA) but the pitching( 4.92 ERA) and fielding(122 errors) were suspect at best.Perhaps Pbsilver may want to invest in some defensive players in the future? He first let Lee,Rosado,Chavez,Richard and Bittle go to free agency.Then he released Carver and traded away Alonso and Cruz.To fill the holes Pbsilver signed free agents Perez,Benitez,Trujillo and Phillips and traded for Scott,Goodwin and Coleman. The misfits brought in some big bats in free agency and traded for some defense and pitching. Overall they will still try to outscore you and hope the pitching and defense keeps them close. I'm not sure they can do that.PREDICTION:81-81

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:85-77  This team is new and improved with Free agents and youngsters from the farm. Sprinkled with a few R-5 cast offs. They may be ready for primetime.And while the youngsters will add more pop to the lineup. They still need more cooking before they are able to field their positions(Greenwood). So this team will only reach about.500 due to the lack of a great defensive CF'er.

OUT: Felix Ramirez , Julian Stern , Luis Flores , Ricardo Hernandez , Tony Matos , Bill Neagle , Jamie Taguchi , Marco Shouse

IN:  Tom Hutton , Orlando Lee , Edgar Flores , Tino Gong , Roberto Cedeno , Edgar Martinez

PREVIEW: The young Black Sox had growing pains.My prediction of 85 wins was pretty pathetic. The below average hitting(.264 BA) couldn't overcome the 5th worst pitching( 5.29 ERA) and the 3rd worst defensive team(130 errors). So Its not a suprise why this team finished so bad. Perhaps an upgrade in the defense will help the pitching?? In the offseason Dullaghan first let Ramirez,Stern,Flores,Hernandez,Matos,Neagle and Taguchi go to free agency and released Shouse outright.To fill the gaps Dullaghan signed free agents Hutton,Lee,Flores,Gong and Cedeno and promoted Martinez. The Black Sox let a bunch of talent go to free agency and picked up a couple comp picks. But theis team still may be a year or two away from being a solid big league team. PREDICTION:79-83

New Britain
New Britain Bruins (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92  Looks like another Good draft pick for next year. Meanwhile Kumbia will pick up prospects.

OUT: Dan Scutaro , Edgar Flores , Desi Bonilla , Ronnie Bradley , Roberto Cedeno , Glen Trujillo , Charles Fox , Vincenzo Piper , Sammy Romero , John Jodie , Eswalin Benitez , Armando Vidal

IN: Herm Harris , D'Angelo Solano , John Daniels , Vic Martin , Chet Brohawn , Tony Jang , Rico Mateo , Shane Ryal , Seth Rando , Eddie Whitehill , Gary Dimaggio , Miguel Blanco , Deivi Gabriel , Gerardo Martinez , Albert Cabeza , Gorkys Soriano , David Cabrera , Roberto Arias , Shayne Janish

DOGERSGALE PREVIEW: Scored 733 Allowed 962 3rd worst Fielding .977 2nd worst Record 57-105 2nd worst Only kept 3 members of pitching staff that gave up 962 runs. Out of the starters from last year ONE remains in a starting position, Lloyd Perry. (Tollberg relegated to the bench,and LaRocca to split time at DH). The new team is a lot like the “Major Leagues” team that featured a bunch of cast offs and rookies. Playing the part of: Jake Taylor (broke down defensive catcher), Lloyd Perry! Ricky “wild thing” Vaughn,Gorkys Soriano! Roger Dorn (vet trying to get away) Herm Harris! Willie Mays Hayes: Gerardo Martinez! Eddie Harris (old starter, with no heat)- Rico Mateo! Pedro Cerrano : Shayne Janish Okay you get the idea… The team was overhauled completely.Ownership changed hands and as soon as the season opened the team was dismantled. Rookies Shayne Janish (rule 5), Deivi Gabriel, Gerardo Martinez, Roberto Arias (rule 5), Gary Dimaggio (30 yrs and rookie),Miguel Blanco (super stud), David Cabrera, D’Angelo Solano, Albert Cabeza, and Gorkys Soriano. There was a lot of talent hiding in the minors and even though some are early it was time to bring them up so that they can positively impact the franchise.Payroll was kept under $40 million and the team has the 2nd pick. They plan to be very active in the international market. In the coming years the team will spend more on training (but there are limits put on when a new owner takes over).The team is cognizant of putting a competitive team on the field for the fans and city of New Britain. The Bruins are here to stay and to eventually win.The team expects to score about 660 runs (about 4 runs per game). With improved defense and pitching the team should allow about 700 runs (about 4.3 rpg), and should therefore finish below .500. Prediction: 77-85

PREVIEW: I will not trash Kumbia . It is not my way. And I had several interactions with him over the years and we got along nicely. But in fairness he did not do this team justice and I can't blame many owners when they criticized him.The Mish stepped in and brought in Dodgersgale to take over the team. Dodger loaded up all the equipment and moved the Montreal franchise to New Britian.I'm not sure where New Britain is, but I like the fact that New is in the name. Its kind of fitting for this club, they need a New start.In the offseason Dodger let Scutaro,Flores,Bonilla,Bradley,Cedeno,Trujillo,Fox and Piper go to free agency.Then he released Romero,Jodie,Benitez and Vidal.With the Dirty Dozen gone ,Dodger claimed Harris and Solano off the wire and signed free agents Daniels,Martin,Brohawn,Jang,Mateo,Ryal,Rando andWhitehill. Then he promoted Dimaggio,Blanco,Gabriel,Martinez,Cabeza,Soriano and Cabrera.Finally he picked up Arias in the R-5 and traded for Janish.Wow...Dodger gutted this team and brought in bargin bin free agents then promoted several young future superstars and sprinkled it with some others thru various transactions.Your guess is as good as mine how this turns out?? But with the combonation of veterans and prospects this team looks good. And they have lots of cap flexability. Things are new and shiny in New Britain.PREDICTION:81-81

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