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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:90-72  It has been a year since the Muskies burned down the house. And they finished about where I predicted. Also as predicted they spent a small fortune in the IFA Market. Picking up players like Carlos Sierra for 21 million. I look at this young bunch of potential super stars and wonder if they will mesh into a winner. With the last years promotion of Billy Ensberg and this years additions. The Muskies team is making its move. This team is my sleeper pick for season 17.

OUT: Billy Ray Bryant , Sammy Campos , Claude Coleman

IN: Geronimo Cruz

PREVIEW: My sleeper pick came thru with flying colors. Although they didn't reach my prediction of 90 wins . They did win the division and reach the second round of the playoffs, where they lost to the Kickapoos.The Muskies are for real and the fans in Madison have been tailgating and partying before every home game. With a spring in his step, Daddio went into the offseason and re-signed Rodrigo Merced to an extension.Then he let Bryant go to free agency and released Campos. Finally he traded away Coleman to finish cleaning out the deadbeats. With most of his team intact, Daddio traded for Cruz and has 3 R-5 Players waiting to be assigned. I doubt the R-5 guys will make the squad but he could use a backup catcher . It looks like the Muskies are standing pat and have only 55 million in salaries.Daddio will pick up some nice IFA's and still battle for the division. Madison could make the playoffs.PREDICTION:88-74

Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:81-81  I thought the Bleacher Bums would win this division . But they finished in the bottom 6 games short. I had High hopes after they did well in the playoffs. And they picked up some nice free agents. But such is life in this division. You can predict every team about or below 500, But picking which will win ...........Thats the perdicament! This team has a 84 million payroll and still has 11 million to spend on free agents. Maybe they will get a win for every million spent. That would be Hshacks Christmas wish!

OUT: Endy Glynn , Javier Veras , Bill Green , Charles Ramsey , Jarrod Mann , Kris Karros

IN:  Santiago Rodriguez , Dan Scutaro

PREVIEW: They pert near got a win for every million spent. Merry Christmas Hshack! But he really wanted the division as a present and just missed it. Then in the post season he was taken out in the first round by division foe Madison. But Hshack is a glass half full kinda guy so he was happy just to be in the playoffs again. The Bleacher Bums have been getting better every season and they go in the offseason with optimism.Hshack let Glynn,Veras,Green,Ramsey,Mann go to free agency and traded away Karros.With only a couple roster spots open he signed free agents Rodriguez and Scutaro. And at the time of writing there are still 2 spots open. With 17 million in cap space, hshack could sign some good free agents or make a trade for a few good players.Right now they are good team with the possibility to be very good.PREDICTION:85-77

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:87-75  The Old dogs hunted for the first 80 games or so then took a Nap.And by the time they woke up. The Sturgeons were champs of the division of Illrepute. This team was in the post season with only 79 wins. Milwaukee picked up several Comp picks in the draft. But with no scouts it may not matter. By replacing Dong with Dick Collins this team is free of disease. And if Patrick can get his revamped pitching staff up to snuff. They may bring this Division back to respectability.

OUT: Dick Collins , Vic Velazquez , Javier Lopez , Jimmie Gonzalez

IN:  Quinton Sauer , Vic Chavez , Rolando Jose , Derrin Price

PREVIEW: It was a struggle for this team to reach 80 wins. And I thought they would be a little better with a 107 million payroll.Dick Collins turned out to be a tool and he petered out.This division is no longer the division of illrepute and I know that Patrick is not satisfied with a sub 500 record. So In the offseason he let Collins,Velazquez,Lopez,Gonzalez go to the free agent market.Then he signed free agents Sauer,Chavez,Jose and Price to replace the departed.The Sturgeons try to outscore their opponents. And if they can just improve the pitching/defense they may win the division.Patrick improved his pitching slightly and this may be enough to get this team on the right track.PREDICTION: 81-81


LAST YEARS PREVIEW:83-79  Sandbergs Toyotas ran out off gas at the finish and just missed the division, and my prediction. It's the second consecutive second place finish in the Division of Illrepute. Pizza Pizza! It looks like the Toyotas are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After 7 years of rebuilding, and the influx of young talent with a few free agent additions. This team could break .500. But as we know, young players can be fickle. This team talent wise is better than before.

OUT: Keith Williams , Louie Mendoza , Jimmie James , Earl Christenson , Edgardo Rivera , Walt Barfield

IN:  Miguel Maradona , Mike Drew

PREVIEW: Man the Toyotas laid an egg last season. Yep, that smell isn't from the catalytic converter. Its from last seasons 69 win season.The Toyotas Hitting (.251 BA ) and defense(126 errors) scrapped them.It was the 9th consecutive losing season and the Trenton fans are ready to riot. They want a winning season and have been wearing paper sacks over their heads at all the Toyota's Homegames.In the offseason Sandberg let Williams,Mendoza go to free agency and released James,Christianson,Rivera and Barfield.To fill the empty slots ,Sandberg promoted Maradona and Drew.Not sure if these guys will ever play up to there ability. But they will have to show me one winning season before I jump on the band wagon. Again. PREDICTION:74-88

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