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Durham BullShippers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:92-70  The Sergeis Did exactly as predicted. They surged past the falling Stars and grabbed their first division Pennant. In the playoffs the Sergeis lost in the DCS to the Champs. They have come a long way from a perennial loser.The Sergeis lost a little talent but brought in some nice veteran players. This division is still theirs to lose .

OUT: Rico Morales , Brandon Thomson , Victor Quixote , Clarence Christiansen , Alex Mateo , R.J. Lima , Glenallen Brower , Miguel Piedra , Apollo West

IN:  Jimmie James , Mo Andrelczyk , Eddie Locke , Jose Bonilla , Don Hyzdu , Cristobal Beltran , Walt Lieberthal

PREVIEW: Its better to be a big fish in a small pond. Right! Sergei didn't cotton to that notion so he bailed on Sante Fe .Though they won the division with a sub 500 record.The Sergeis almost upset the Coat Factoties in the opening round of the playoffs. This team gets a new owner in Wishlist3677. He bought the team for 20,000 drachma's and 2 Carnival cruise boarding passes. Wishlist went into his first offseason and re-signed Albert Brito .Then he let Morales,Thomson,Quixote,Christiansen and Mateo go to free agency.Finally he traded away Lima,Brower,Piedra and West to complete the house cleaning.With most of his team to rebuild, Wishlist signed free agents James,Andrelczyk,Locke and Bonilla and traded for Hyzdu,Beltran and Lieberthal. Even with a full roster, Wishlist also grabbed 9 players in the R-5 draft and who knows where he'll put them.Last year this team was the best defensive team but that didn't help them overcome the lack of Runs scored. Maybe Hyzdu will help with that and he brought in some good bullpen help to replace the departing West. But with a AAA coaching staff this team is in trouble. Not sure who will win this weakest of divisions. Thsi team looks like it may slug it out with Austin to be another sub-500 playoff team. PREDICTION:79-83

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:86-76  Man!! what happened?? I'm like Wylie WTF??. I'm at a loss why these guys laid a big turd.This bunch has talent to burn. Perhaps it's their youth that hurt them. They are a very young bunch with only 2 players above 30.I just hope Wylie doesn't panic and blow this team up. This Team is Very,Very young and that may be why they are so streaky. But after a down year the odds are they will be good this year.

OUT: Pablo Vega , Vic Armas

IN:  Stan Knight , David Pineda

WYLIES PREVIEW:  the City Limits roster is pretty much set with AllStar Ryan Olshan doing the bulk of the catching, newcomer David Pineda at 1st base, Mt Herndon holding down 2nd base while Jackson Reed and Michael gardner fight it out for 3rd base.Two timer Luis Quintanilla holds down SS. Hector Ruth and JP Mendez hold down the corner outfield spots while Don Nunnally holds down CF. The starting rotation is made up of younger pitchers who hopefully should be hitting their prime. The bullpen is the one area the Limits are looking to improve (send in your trade offers).Management hopes this is the year the young talent breaks out and we can at least content for a division title.

PREVIEW:  One thing you can say about Wylie. He bucks the Odds. He Buck near had a winning season with 74 wins and he Buck near won the division. But his City Limits Bucked him in the end. OUCH thats gonna leave a mark! Cheer up Buckaroo , Its a new season and this could be Austins year. So Wylie let Vega go to free agency and released Armas. He then designated  Christopher Beimel for assignment. With just a couple of roster slots open. Wylie picked up Knight in the R-5 and traded for Pineda. The City Limits had the same problem I had last year. No Scoring!! And I dont know if Wylies guys are gonna overcome a rookie Fielding coach. Thats right ...This guy has never Coached at any level....Never. Thats what I call Bucking the Odds! Could win the division with a 500 or below record. PREDICTION:75-87

Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:81-81   It was a step back year for the falling Stars. but the news isn't all bad for sophmore owner nelig. He picked up a ton of talent in last years draft and has several picks in the first round this year. I was a little optomistic in last years prediction, so I think the Stars will finish about .500 this year.

OUT: Mo Andrelczyk , Tom Hutton , R.A. Ward , Charlie Holt , Ronnie Jones , Hector Benitez , Felix Gao , R.J. Padilla , Grant Richardson

IN:  Charles Ramsey , Harry Aguilera , Jerome Aumont , Oswaldo Johnson

PREVIEW: They were close to 500 again but this isn't the real news about Tampa Bay. Nelig added 4 more first round prospects to go with the 6 last year. And now this season he has 3 more first round picks.This team is being built thru the draft while still fielding a competative team. Well done Nelig. In the offseason Nelig re-signed Tarrik Francis and let Andrelczyk,Hutton,Ward,Holt,Jones and Benitez head to free agency.Then he released Gao outright and designated Padilla and Richardson for assignment. With some holes to fill ,Nelig signed free agents Ramsey and Aguilera.Then he picked up Aumont and Johnson in R-5 draft.This team is still a couple of seasons away from the youngsters reaching their projections. Look for Nelig to add some draft prospects with a few IFA's. But there is no hurry to win right now when the future looks bright.has a chance of winning this division. PREDICTION:75-87

Jackson Black Bears (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:62-100  It was predicted that olemiss33 would have a rough first year. And they did. They continue to collect nice prospects so it won't be bad for long. If I could give him one bit of advice...Don't skimp on the training. Your prospects need a high training budget to meet their projections. It's obvious with the ousting of top talent that the Black Bears are freeing up money for prospects.Looks like a rebuild in progress here.

OUT: Quinton Sauer , Derrin Price , John Daniels , Dicky Wilson , Omar Perez , Geraldo Mercado , Bobby Shaw , Otis Mateo , Albert Delgado , Shayne Janish

IN: Tony Duncan , Mack Manning , Ricardo Hernandez , Freddy Weiss , Fernando Santiago

PREVIEW:  Olemiss won the Draft sweepstakes and will pick #1 overall. Olemiss picked up some nice draft propspects and also some Nice IFA's. Theres lots of money to bid on IFA's with a 25 million dollar payroll. With no minimum win rule, this is a good way to build a winner. In the offseason Olemiss re-signed Oscar Li and let Sauer,Price,Daniels,Wilson and Perez file for free agency. He then released Mercado,Shaw,Mateo,Delgado and traded away Janish.With a ton of holes to plug, Olemiss signed free agents Duncan,Manning,Hernandez,Weiss and picked up Santiago in the R-5 draft.No mystery here. The Black Bears will ride out the season at the bottom and pick up another high draft pick. PREDICTION:62-100

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