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Scottsdale Shock Squad (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:90-72  I knew this team was ready for the post season and they did grab the final wild card slot. This is the toughest division in Wrigleyville so I have to commend Coach on a great job with the Shock Squad.Coach Knew his team has firepower and a good pen. It was his Starting rotation that needed fixing up. If the 3 new arms pan out it could be trouble for the rest of this division. The Shock Squad has a decent chance of making the playoffs,  Again!!

OUT: Yorvit Delgado , Ewell Morris , B.C. Olivares

IN: Luis Cortes , Albert Coleridge , Nelson Hodges

COACH'S PREVIEW:  The SS look to defend their title with just a couple of changes to theur roster in S18- but they could be BIG changes. Offensively, the SS let Ewell Morris walk, moved Jack Shave from CF back to 3B, and added CF Luis Cortes to the line-up.This should help make the SS even better defensively. The other change comes at the end of the bullpen. Closer Yorvit Delgado decided to walk after owner/GM Coach34 publically ridiculed him for his poor performance in last year's playoffs.The SS could pay the price for letting him walk as they were unable to sign or trade for another closer. Bullpen by committee in S18 for the SS----well, you can now add Vinny Goldman as my attempt to add a closer- but had to give up set-up man Billy Conner

PREVIEW: The Scottsdale Shock Squad keeps getting better folks. Last season they won the World Series against the Juggernaught San Juan Santurce Crabbers.When Coach added his 3 new pitchers last season I thought this team was gonna be pretty good. But I was suprised at the success they had against the best teams in wrigleyville. Great Job coach, Well deserved . With a repeat in mind ,Coach went into the offseason. First he re-signed Aramis Crespo and let Delgado,Morris and Olivares go to free agency.After a few players left, Coach was left with a few roster spots open. He signed free agents Cortes and Coleridge then he promoted Hodges. Coach is gonna miss Yofeet Stinks and Olivares in the bullpen. But Cortes was a upgrade over Morris. This is basically the same team and they will Battle for the Division. At worst they will grab a wild card berth. Then look out! PREDICTION:100-62

Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:100-62   Sordie may not have won the division last year but he got revenge on the Salmonbellies in the playoffs. The Vaunted Moonbats made it all the way to the World Series, but lost in 6 games.The Moonbats still have plenty of cap space to make some moves. It's nice to have options but it looks like they're standing pat with last years group. Look for the Moonbats in the post season .

OUT: Micah Jones , Clarence Spoljaric , Tony Pena , Jose Calles

IN:  Robin Cirillo , R.A. Ward , B.C. Olivares

PREVIEW: I forgot to warn the Moonbats about the new kid in town, The Shock Squad. I'm sure Sordie knew that it would be a battle again for the division. And the Moonbats did very well indeed, but they just missed the division by 5 games. In the post season, Sordies nocturnal bloodsuckers went into the second round against Scottsdale, and lost game 5. I'm sure Sordie and his rabid friends are foaming at the mouth looking for revenge. So in the offseason he re-signed Chad Frazier and Jose Roque to extensions and let Jones,Spoljaric,Pena and Calles go to free agency.Now Sordie has several holes to fill and he signed free agents Cirillo,Ward and Olivares.Sordie still has a few roster spots open at this writing. And he has a couple buns in the AAA oven (Louis White,Andres Borbon , Larry Walker ). He could rush these guys up or spend some of that 20 million in cap space on free agents. My guess he wants to keep some money for IFA's or a Pony. But its nice to have options. Sordie always fields a good team and the Moonbats will be in the thick of a division race.Probably grab a wild card at the least.PREDICTION:100-62

Salem Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:92-70  I'm gonna quit doubting the Salmonbellies. They won their first division crown and absolutely demolished my prediction finishing with 99 wins.This team continues to suprise me. With a Payroll under 30 million they keep winning like 100 million dollar team. I think its good for the league that a low budget team has success.While winning the Salmonbellies keep adding studley prospects to the farm system (Glenallen Brower ). I'm becoming a believer!!

OUT: Benjamin Taylor , Lucas Myers , Rolando Jose , Robin Cirillo , Ivan Ortiz , Luis Cortes , Gus Grossman , Darren Holmes

IN: Javier Veras , Arthur Phillips , Tony Matos

PREVIEW: Mdymond and his Salmonbellies are a pain in our sides.And with the move to a neutral Park in Salem . The Salmonbellys will have a better offensive output. In fact Mdymond considered re-naming his team the Salembellies but decided against it. Word has it he nixed the re-naming due to the size of the bellys in Salem.Belly Bucking in the Stands might cause the bleachers to collapse.And nobody wants to see that!Mdymond went into the off season and let Taylor,Myers,Jose,Cirillo,Ortiz,Cortes and Grossman go to free agency and traded away Holmes to the Crabbers. This left many holes in the lineup so he signed free agents Veras,Phillips,Matos and thats it so far. But Mdymond has AAA prospects Tony Hernandez, Victor Ozuna and Esteban Guzman waiting in the wings.He also has about 25 million in cap space and has one of the lowest payrolls in Wrigleyville. My guess is he'll bring up the youngsters and save the money for more IFA's and his 5 first round draft picks. Things are looking good in Salem.PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREVIEW:81-81  Its a tough Division to play in but Swishnevs guys are making some noise in the A L West. They finished a little better than predicted and that is an improvment from the previous year.The Cobras got younger after a flurry of trades last year. Swish tried to pick up some high dollar free agents.So he transfered money from his Prospect budget to snag some. But now after being outbid in the Market.He has a ton of cap space available to trade for one. As of now the Cobras are a .500 team but if he picks up some talent from a fire sale mid season. They could vie for a playoff spot. GL Swish.

SWISH'S PREVIEW:  After reaching a high water mark of 22 games above .500 in Season 17 the Cobras fell out of contention due to a lack of pitching. Enter Season 18 and the Cobras opened up their wallets this offseason to sign Gus Grossman and Micah Jones to big contracts.The Cobras hope that these players benefit their clubhouse since they have playoff experience from their tenure with other AL West clubs.Johnny Stone and Ricardo Torres will again look to create havoc on offense and Alexi Rios and Harry Padilla are two young sluggers looking to make their mark this season,as well. With a major financial commitment made by the upper management, the Cobras look to end their playoff drought this season.

OUT: Carson Bailey , Rico Trevino , Bennie Davis , Walt Lieberthal

IN: Gus Grossman , Micah Jones , Stu Elder , Kimera Oliver , Miguel Piedra

PREVIEW: Swish and his Cobras finished close to predictions . And Swish did pick up several IFA's (Anibal Tavarez,Cesar Berroa,Miguel Tabaka) along the way.He also grabbed Jerome Cochrane in the draft.Now in his 5th season Swish can be proud that his guys have improved evey year while beefing up the farm system. In the offseason he let Bailey and Trevino go to free agency and Released Davis outright.Then he traded Lieberthal to Durham .To fill the holes he signed free agents Grossman,Jones and Elder. Finally he traded for Oliver and Piedra to finish his lineup. Like last season, Swish had lots of cap space but this time he landed several top shelf free agents. And with last years late editions of Alexi Rios , Randy Rogers , Tony Wood , Gorkys Lopez this team is ready to take their place among the heavyweights.This division just got a little tougher.PREDICTION:90-72

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