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San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:107-55  This bunch of Crabbers did win it all. And it could be trouble for the rest of us, as this team is in their prime. Rbedwell also was the Durocher award winner and you could say it was a dream season for him. With the same 127 million dollar group returning . It could be curtains for the rest of us. This team could easily repeat.

OUT: Steven Tartabull , Vicente Rodriguez

IN: Darren Holmes

RALPH'S PREVIEW:  the skinny on the Crabbers is that they feeling renewed hunger after losing the trophy in a WS most of the players feel they should have won.Aging with a bit of decline starting to creep in, the team is still one of the most talented in this world and feels like they need to win now.The only loss was Steven Tartabull, who had age catch up to him and was a seldom-used reserve last season anyway. Key addition is GG SS Darren Holmes, who should provide excellent jack-of-all-trades depth off the bench.

PREVIEW: The Crabbers tore thru the regular season like Oprah in a Twinkie factory. Then in the post season he won the NL pennant and lost game 7 in the series to the Shock Squad. The Crabbers are a tough bunch. No matter how much you shave and scrub they just keep coming back. You all know what I mean!Rbedwll went into the offseason and let Tartabull and Rodriguez go to free agency. Then he traded for Holmes to shore up the defense. Ralph also extended the contracts of Che Cho and Sam Gray and still has two more slots open. This is the smae ol Crabs that we know and lament. They will continue to be the bane of our existence. PREDICTION:105-57

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:90-72  The Coat factories finished second in the division. But they battled in the playoffs as a wild card. And made it all the way to the NLCS only to lose a game 7 to guessed it. Crabbers!!. But the fans in Burlington are proud of their team and they could be heard in the pubs across the land." We'll be RID of them crabs soon!!"After clearing some cap space ,Ehull blew the whole wad on Pineiro. I for one have never paid a player a max contract (20 mil a year). I just don't like putting all my budget eggs in one player. But we shall see if this is what it takes to get rid of the Crabs dominance. It's gonna be real ineresting in the N L

EHULL'S PREVIEW: Apparently after two tantalizingly seasons that came up short, Coat Factory ownership went stark-raving mad. Simply put, they have been unable to conquer Ralph's Crabbers and his dreaded island breeze. So instead of relying on a young team to improve, the Factory started making it rain like a drunk stock broker at a strip club. After handing Pineiro a max deal last year, they turned around gave another one to Don Nelson. Then they traded for aging uber-closer Appolo West. No doubt about it, the Coat Factory (slogan: Outlet stores AND baseball!) is all in. They can taste the title. But will they end up tasting bitter defeat? (Answer: probably)

OUT: Thomas Anderson , Alex Tarasco , Will Byrdak , Eddie Locke , Jason Ransom , Buck Jodie

IN:  Don Nelson , Glenallen Brower , Apollo West

PREVIEW: The Coat Factories have a Crab problem . As do we all. Ehull has the unenviable position of playing in the same division as Ralph and his Rum drinking Crabs. But the Coat Factories had a great year winning 101 games and I would be kicking up my heels with that success. I think Ehull needs a tweak or two and this team will be aCrab Free team. In the offseason Ehull let Anderson,Tarasco,Byrdak,Locke go to free agency and released Ransom.Then Jodie was claimed off the waiver wire. With just a couple holes in the lineup, Ehull signed big time free agent Nelson to a Max contract. Then he Traded for Brower and West to help the bullpen.Looks like the Coat Factories Are going for it.The Talent level has risen in Burlington and this may get rid of them pesky Crabs! Its gonna be a Battle in the N L East. If they dont win the division they will surly be a wild card. And pitching always is a premium in the post season.The Coats are Sporty! PREDICTION:105-57

Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:85-77  Thank god I laid off the Whiskey when I wrote last years preview. The Peachfuzz finished right at .500 and they never caught fire. I know how they feel playing in a tough division . But they have talent, so they could make a run anytime. Desanders is making some good moves bringing in some pitching and bats. Turner concerns me a tad but in all, they have improved. It's not easy playing in this division.

OUT:  Edgar Santos , Albert Coleridge , Johnny Goldman , Jose Bonilla , Vance Schilling , Julio Fuentes , Rico Martinez , Rheal Scott , Zach Goodwin , David Pineda

IN:  Carson Bailey , Edgardo Rivera , Buster O'Connor , Melky Barrios , Michel Diaz , Claudio Schmidt , Ernie Cannon , Raul Lima , Willie Alonso , Kris Karros

PREVIEW: You would think the Peachfuzz would have the best chance to get Rid of the Crabs. But you would be wrong. They took a step back and finished with only 78 wins and that was all it took for desanders. He snuck out in the dead of night and hasn't been seen since. It's rumored he joined Chaz Bonos Dancing Dikes and is touring the U.S."He got dem Happy Feet". Jeff2106 was picked by Mark3313 to take over the abandoned Peachfuzz. "Choosy commish's Choose Jeff!" Jeff  the Peanut Butter kid  moved the team to Cincinnati's Red Light District. So he could walk across the street to What If Sports headquarters and rap them on the skull whenever one of his superstars gets injured.In the offseason Jeff2106 let Santos,Coleridge,Goldman head to free agency and he released Bonilla,Schilling,Fuentes and Martinez.Finally he traded away Scott,Goodwin and Pineda. With half his team to fill Jeff first signed free agents Bailey,Rivera,O'Conner and Barrios.Then he promoted Diaz,Schmidt and traded for Cannon,Lima,Alonso and Karros.You know I really like this team now. They have a ton of talent and the Coaching staff is good except for a weak fielding coach.If this team wasn't in such a tough division I would say they were a shoe in to make the playoffs. But getting thru the Crabs and Coat Factories will be a challenge. This is my Dark horse pick.I have a penchant for whorehouses. It could be 3 teams from the N L East in the post season.PREDICTION:93-69


LAST YEARS PREVIEW:85-77  Rugby and the Moose took a step back and is in the reload mode.It was a disapointing year for him and with 17 million of cap room . He could sign some left over free agents or make a couple trades for firesale players. As of writing this, the Moose have yet to promote young studs Jorge Fernandez and Jair Arias .Who are waiting in AAA with others. When they are added to the bigs( which should be this year) this team will be better.Right now its hard to predict but they will be about .500 or above.

OUT: Santiago Martinez , Tsuyoshi Hujimoto , Ramon Lo , Tony Duncan , Vic Martin , Milt Hutton , Rick Gwynn

IN:  Julian Stern

PREVIEW: The Moose were the dominate team in this division of death for many,many moons. I thought the Moose would make 500 even though they are re-tooling. But they finished well below 500. Last season the Moose did promote Jorge Fernandez and Jair Arias but also added Dude Long. Which should help them this season after last years lack of Runs Scored (626). In the offseason Rugby had a bunch of guys clamoring for money. He re-signed Curtis Hutchinson , Mike Malloy and Ignacio Herrera to extensions.Then he let Martinez ,Hujimoto,Lo,Duncan and Martin go to free agency. Finally he released Hutton and Gwynn to complete the exodus. With a couple gaps in his roster, Rugby signed free agent Stern. This leaves a couple spots open on his M L roster and he could fill them with several AAA prospects that are ready. (Davey Gomez , Jose Sanchez). Or with a 12 million dollar surplus he could choose some late free agent signings. Either way the Re-tooling is close to completion and the Moose are about ready to get back to them winning ways. PREDICTION:81-81 

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