Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 -VS- 2 in THE SERIES

O.K Sports Fans , Its World Series time and both #2 seeds have advanced .

 The Helena Barking Moonbats are making their second WS appearance .Sordie looks to add another World Series Trophy to the one from Season 7 . This season the Moonbats got here by sweeping Nashville. They then tangled with the Jackson Justice. They were down 2 games to one when they stormed back to win it in 6. The Helena bats are dialed in . As a team they are hitting .319 . With Luke Malloy , Rich Rando and Justin Gabriel leading the way. With all that Run support Freddy Rodgers is 3-0 in the playoffs . The fans in Helena are looking for another case of Moonbat Fever. They are stocking up on the antibiotics as we speak.

The Tampa Bay Stars are making their first appearance in the Wrigleyville World Series. It's about time , Jmas has owned his division with 7 N L South Division Crowns. The Stars made it here with a 4-1 win over Ralph and his San Juan club. Then in the NLCS Tampa Bay Exorcised the Ectos in 5 games.  Tampas Stellar Pitching Staff  has a Quark size team ERA of 1.89 and a WHIP of 0.91. They are led by Wayne Zerbe , Apollo West and Edgar Ordonez. J.T. Nichols and Raul Flores will be knocking in the runs. This is Unexplored Space for the Stars. Win or lose they can finally say they were in the Show!!

RECAP: Its the classic American League Offense against the classic National League Pitching and Defense. Which will give is "The Question" . Lots of Owners will be pulling for jmas to win his first Wrigleyville Ring. But then theres the Owners that love the Moonbats. I mean Moonbats against the Stars......A Game for the Heavens.

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