Monday, February 22, 2010


Jackson Justice -VS-Helena Barking Moonbats

The Justice are looking for thier second World Series ring .They got here by defeating a scrappy St Louis Squad in a tough 5th game. They then swept aside the # 1 seeded Chicago Aztecs with stout Pitching and Defense. Allowing only 8 runs in the three games. So far the Offense has been led by a Three headed monster in Kyle Phillips , Cal Hardy and Josias Pescado who have hit .344,.344 and .378 respectavly. The Justice have boasted a team ERA of 4.56 and a WHIP of 1.53. But my favorite stat is the Justice have 32 Double plays in 8 games!!! Can you say DEFENSE

The Moonbats are also looking for that second Ring. But unlike the Justice the Moonbats had a first round bye. Then they swept the upstart Nashville team with Ease. The Helena Offense unloaded on the Posse with an average of 8 runs a game!! They were led by Rich Rando who hit .563 ,1 homer and 6 Ribbies. The Moonbats had 7 players hitting above .300. The pitching staff was led by Freddy Rodgers who pitched well in the first game

Tucson Ectoplasm -VS- Tampa Bay Stars

The Ecto's are in the NLCS!!  yep they finally made it . They started with a tough series in Tacoma winning that one in $ games . Then it was on to play thier nemisis in the San Francisco Kickapoos. They beat one of the best franchises in a see-saw five game series. The 5th game came down to the 9th inning when th Ectos got 2 run single from Carlos Santos. Then held on in the bottom of the ninth with Super Closer Kordell Gregg.

The Stars Spent the Money in Free Agency and Walah!!! Here they are. Like the Moonbats in the A L , The Stars had a first round Bye. Then they took on another Upstart team in the Santurce Crabbers. It took 4 games to dispatch the San Juan club after losing the opener. The game four classic came down to the top of the ninth when Tripp Kent blasted a two run Homer to send it into extra innings. Then with 2 outs in the tenth J.T. Nichols Smacked a solo homer to take the lead. The Tampa Bay bullpen held on with three outs by the great setup pitcher Joseph Hyun.

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