Saturday, February 20, 2010

Underdog Finds the IFA's

Hello wrigleyittes , I. B. Lyon here again . We have finally heard back from our Super Sleuth Underdog as he Continues his search for our missing International Free Agents. Here is Ubderdogs report!!

Underdog here . I finally made it to Vancouver on a Southwest flight . I was forced to sit next to a Very fat guy named Silent Bob. He was a nice chap but didn't speak much until he got kicked off the plane. When I came to his defense ,I too was booted from the Flight. I guess Southwest likes bags more than paying customers. Silent Bob and I caught a ride to Spokane in the back of a Chicken truck .And hitched the rest of the Way to Vancouver. My contact in Vancouver is "Rocky " .he also is out of a job after the Bullwinkle Show was cancelled. He met me in a Bar near the Waterfront were he was doing Flying tricks three times a night. Silent Bob and I sat at a table and watch the final trick in Rocky's show. He Joined us in a few minutes and we ordered a round of shots(Bull Blasters). Rocky said his shrill Voice. " I found your Players Under dog. but first i need something from you."  I swallowed a drink and said. " Rocky ,Rocky we have had this talk before . You know there is no way they can sew your Nuts back on. "  Rocky slammed his empty shot glass on the table and shot back. " I'm not talking about my Nuts you Pill Popping Pooch!!! I want something more valuable."  I looked at Silent Bob then back at Rocky and before I could ask what?  Rocky said. " I want you to get me a job with the Christian Beavers . If I fix my pelt right i could pass for a Beaver. If you can talk bkevin into finding a position for me then you can have the pictures in this envelope. "  Well  I knew even though Bkevin was a Christian . He knew alot of Positions ,if you get my meaning. So i promised rocky it was a done deal. 
So boss here are the pictures of our IFA's . The pictures show that our IFA's are participating in the Winter Olympics. Look here is the Virgin Islands Bobsled team . and this picture is of the Panamanium Curling team. Picture  after picture of our beloved Internationals playing raindeer games!!!  When I asked a Cuban snowboarder ,why they were participating in sports that requires snow. And thier countries have none?? The Cuban laughed and said "Snow ,what Pinche Snow!!  This is Canada and they don't have Snow!!! " Good point. This is Underdog out

 Thanks Underdog for all your hard work. Job well done. So there you have it Wrigleyville . All of our IFA's are at the so called Winter Olympics . Just think if there were snow in Canada we would have a good crop of IFA's. Thanks also to Rocky and Silent BOB!!! This is I. B. Lyon reporting for WHIF NEWS

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