Sunday, February 14, 2010

Underdog Gets burned in Florida

Hello Wrigleyville fans . We just recieved a communica from that super sleuth Underdog. If you remember our undercover agent picked up the scent in Cincinatti and followed it to Florida . Here is a copy of said Telegram.

Hello boss , Underdog here. I'm in the beautiful city of Jacksonville where it's Manatee fever everywhere you look. The Manatees are on the verge of making thier first playoff  apprearence in Wrigleyville. The "These aint yo Mamas Manatee"  signs are everywhere ,in store windows and billboards . Manatee bumperstickers are plastered on just about every car proclaiming " Manatee Mania , Catch it!!"
I caught up to the Manatees prolific owner Sandleaguer, at one of Jacksonvilles beautiful beaches . He greeted me with a hearty handshake and a can do smile. he then motioned me to a cabana chair and i removed my undershirt and exposed my rock hard belly. Since Sweet Polly Purebread left me for that weiner dog in Walla Walla . I have been working out religously and i intend to find me another Bitch. I rubbed my Abs and said to Sandleaguer " What do you think of my Six-Pack?" Sand  then pulled off his wifebeater t-shirt and out plopped a big round mound of pinkish flesh .And he exclaimed " Six-pack Shit!!!  Check out my Keg!!!" I replied with shock.  " Wowe it must take alot of beer to fill that there Keg." 
After a good hearted chuckle i got down to buisness. " say Sand i am trying to find out what happened to the IFA's this year . Do you have any info that might help my investigation?" Sand squeezed a full bottle of suntan lotion on Mount Belly, then started to rub it in while talking. " You know Underdog , Being so close to the Caribbean Islands ,Central and South American Countries. I usually see most of the good IFA's. But this year none are coming thru the normal channels. It's as if they are snatched up before they ever hit our shores. " He paused and repositioned his body to sun the dark side of his Belly. then continued. " I did have a interesting Phone conversation with Muldoon . He thought he saw a Blue chip IFA up near Whistlers Mountain . They are having them Olympic Games up there and he couldn't be sure with all the crowds. You might want to talk to him ,He seems to think he knows it all.
With that I Popped another Super Energy Pill and I'm off to Vancouver B.C. "Theres no need to fear , Underdog is here." I will check back with you Boss in a couple of days. Underdog Out. "Wheres them Bitches at??"

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