Friday, February 12, 2010

Underdog Goes to Cincinatti

What If Sports Headquarters

Hello again , If you remember yesterday I hired the flying canine to look into the disappearance of our IFA's. I just got a telegram from the super sleuth UNDERDOG. Who made his first stop at WIS Headquarters in beautiful Cincinatti Ohio. Heres what the Telegram said.

Undredog here .  I met with WIS Bigwig ,Patrickm885. He was at the Goose and Grope Tavern a local watering hole across  from WIS Corporate Headquarters. He was nursing a couple of drinks at a corner table when i sat across from him. I asked him why he was drinking so heavily and he told me he just found out that he was adopted. And his real parents were Boris and Natasha of Bullwinkle fame. He was dispondant and muttering " Damn Moose and Squirrel" over and over again. I fired one more question his way . "Patrickm what has happened to the juicy free agents in Wriglyville?" His jaw dropped and all the color drained from his Russian face. Then he replied. " I no nothing ,You'll have to ask our customer service represenative."
So i went across the street and asked to see the CSR . And to my suprise out came my nemisis SimonBarSinister. He smiled and with a sneer said "Simon Says look in Florida" He let out a cackle and disappeared in a puff of smoke. So i am on my way to florida and will contact you in a few days. Underdog Out!!

Well wrigleyville fans it looks like WIS is going to be no help at all. So hopefully Underdog will find our IFA's in Florida. This Is I. B. LYON reporting.

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