Monday, May 12, 2014


Fargo Prairie Dogs


PREVIEW: In the off-season Aaron let Nickle, Torcato, Flores and Castillio go to free agency. He filled the holes with free agents Galvez and Lansing. This is pretty much the same team as last year with a slugger(Lansing) and a good speedy defensive 2nd baseman(Galvez) added. With pitching still the problem in Fargo the P-dogs will stay in their holes.PREDICTION:80-82

AT THE BREAK: The bad news......The P-Dogs are on pace to win 78 games. The good news........The P-Dogs are tied for the division lead. This is the division of ill-repute and it's anybody's guess who will get the division win and the #4 seed. With a average hitting and pitching team Aaronwayne's boys may be the odd man out.

New Britain Bruins


PREVIEW: In the off-season the biggest priority was to re-sign Miguel Blanco and Dodger let Brow, Long, Rodriguez and Cabrera go to free agency. He released Garland and waived Espinoza. With a couple holes to fill ,Dodger signed free agent Skinner and picked up Siva, West, Vasquez and Gamel in the R-5 draft. After Dodger blew his wad on Blanco he had about 10 million left to fill the holes. He signed one free agent and filled the rest with R-5's. So Dodger got his guy but can he overcome some of the other talent he lost with R-5 pick-ups? With the other teams in the division not doing very well last year he will eke out a division win. But this team will be a under dog in the post-season.PREDICTION: 89-73(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: I thought the Bruins would easily win this division but that's why we play the games. With only 44 wins they are on pace to win 78 games. But if you look at the 462 runs scored against the 399 runs allowed. Dodgers team should win 97 games. 12-13 in 1 run games and 1-7 in extra innings is killing this team. A clue to the main reason this team is under .500 came from a chat message by Dodger : Hopefully a lesson learned for budgeting in the future. 14 health, and a team full of 30+ players is just asking for WIS to find a way to injure players.
Maybe the breaks will start going their way??? I still think they will win the division.

Hartford Insurance


PREVIEW: In the off-season PB re-signed Rick Surkamp , Pasqual Perez and  Cesar Roque . He let Valdes,Mercado, Rondon and Jones go to free agency and  released Dingman. With a few spots open ,PB signed free agent Torcato and promoted Cheung. He picked up Wang and Faulk in the R-5 draft to fill out the roster. The new park in Hartford is a hitters park compared to the neutral Humphrey dome in Minnesota. It's a great move and they will score more runs and the pitching is good enough to keep them in games. Look for good times with Hartford battling for the division. They could win it but may have to settle for a wild-card. PREDICTION:88-74

AT THE BREAK: I was hoping for good things to happen when PBsilver moved to Hartford. But right now this team is only on pace to win 67 games. But they are only 6 games out of first place for the division crown so there is still hope. With poor pitching and hitting it is most unlikely.

Chicago Black Hawks


PREVIEW: In the off-season Hacker let Hayes, Reimold and Martin go to free agency and released Granger. he only had a couple roster spots open and filled them with free agents Crawford and Palmer. Chicago is on the right track by bringing in 2 good pitchers but will it be enough? I think they will win 6-8 more games but with a weak division they have a good a shot as anybody for the division crown.PREDICTION:83-79

AT THE BREAK: The off-season moves were not enough to get the Black Hawks to respectability. It's been a very long time since this club won a World Series (Seasons 3 and 4). My prediction of 83 wins was nowhere close as they are on track to win only 64 games.

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