Monday, May 12, 2014


Salt Lake City Utes


PREVIEW: In the off-season Rodriguez went to free agency and Hoop released Williams and McBride after they were caught playing tiddly-winks in the team hot-tub after hours. With only two open spots on this year M L roster, Hoop promoted Clark and Limon. This is the same good team as last year and the 2 newbies didn't weaken them at all. It's going to be hard for any of us to beat him for the division. I think this team will go farther in the post-season this year.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: I still think Hoop's team will win the division but my Zoids won't make it easy on them. The Utes are on pace to win 94 games with good pitching ranked 5th in the N L. And the hitting has been even better with a Batting Average of .273 with 130 homers. This division race is going to go down to the wire with Scottsdale and Seattle on Salt Lake City's heels.

Scottsdale Schizoids


PREVIEW: In the off-season I re-signed Santo Prieto and  Chad Krause  and I released Reese when he wanted too much money in Arbitration. I replaced him with a R-5 pick-up that may or may not be with the team by the All-Star break. Same exact team as last year hopefully We will make the Series this year.PREDICTION:93-69(Wild-Card)

AT THE BREAK: I know my Zoids are a good team and maybe we can win the division. But I think with the emergence of Seattle, the playoffs are not a done deal. Statistically we are neck and neck with the Utes and are on pace for a 94 win season. I want another shot at the Black Bears in the playoffs, but we are getting mauled by them in the regular season. I may have to make a trade for a bigger gun to slay them.

Seattle Mariners


PREVIEW: In the off-season Stargell, Reed, Trombley, Morales, Cordova and Ontiveras left to free agency. Bbwinks released Corpas and Desmond. With many open roster spots, BBwinks signed free agents Wall, Rapp, Flores, Anaral, Maxwell and Nathan and promoted Hernandez. Hernandez will be a monster closer and will probably win a few FOY's in the future . With last years promotion of Reid Merritt and Brad Slocumb the Mariners are on there way to respectability. They should get near .500 this year but Bbwinks still has many blue-chip prospects in the pipeline. When they get the call-up in 1-2 years. Lookout. PREDICTION:75-87

AT THE BREAK: Surprise ,Surprise look who crashed the party. I thought this team was a year or two away from making the post-season but they have arrived now. Bbwinks has this young team playing well and are on pace to win 84 games but have been closing the gap in the last 4 weeks. If they keep it up they may sneak in for a division win or a wild card berth.

Colorado Springs Bandits


PREVIEW: In the off-season Mrs O'Leary and her Cow, Rios, Walter, Molina and Maduro went to free agency. Ressda signed free agents Cruz, Hartman, Molina and Battle. At the time of this writing the Bandits still had a roster spot open. Ressda's signed a couple good pitchers and a couple good hitters. If he starts Hartman in CF my guys will be aiming to hit it there. So far in S/T he has played in RF.... he doesn't have the range for RF but it might not kill the defense. If Patsy stays outa CF and the free agent pitchers pitch like they should. Colorado Springs will give me a run for the wild-card.PREDICTION:87-75

AT THE BREAK: I thought the Bandits would be the third team in this division fight. But they have faltered with only 43 wins so far. That will project them to a 77 win season,  below my 87 win preview prediction. Ressda's pitching (497 runs allowed) has let them down but the hitting is still good (440 runs scored).

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