Monday, May 12, 2014


Vancouver Blitz


PREVIEW: In the off-season Martin, Delgado, Ma, Torcato and Burnett left for free agency. Blitziscomin  signed free agents Flair, McNamara, Sanchez, Hawkins, Rekar and Guerrero to fill out this years roster. Vancouver is for real and everybody is on notice. It's going to be a 2 team race with Salem but you have to go with who won it last year.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: It's a 3-way donnybrook in the A L West. Vancouver is tied for the top spot and is on pace to win 94 wins. The pitching is the third best in the American League and the hitting has produced 157 homers but lags in batting average (.270). A division win or a wildcard are not assured with Arizona , Salem and Santa Fe playing well.

Arizona Cobras


PREVIEW: In the off-season Cookson, Laffey went to free agency. Swish released Stevenson and traded Earley to Scranton. He signed free agents Tavarez and Quinn and promoted Sanchez, Woods, Perez and Morris. Finally he picked up Crespo in the R-5 draft. Swish added some really nice player thru free agency and promotions. I don't think they are in the running for the division but with some luck they will break the .500 mark. Right now they are the second youngest team in the A L(Avg Age 26.6).Soon they will be spitting venom.PREDICTION:82-80

AT THE BREAK: I should have known that Swish would have his Cobras coiled and ready to strike. They are a snake after all! They are tied for the division lead and are also on pace to win 94 games. The pitching has been good with allowing only 432 runs with 598 strike outs. The offense plays small ball with a .279 BA and 103 bases swiped. This team may upend my playoff prediction and I should know better.....Swish knows how to build a winner.

Salem Salmonbellies


PREVIEW: In the off-season Heilman, Hines, Duran and Amaral went to free agency and Mdymond released Skinner. As usual Mdymond keeps me guessing. His roster is still 5 men short and makes a prediction pretty much impossible. But I will say that this team winning the American League was no fluke. They are solid in all 3 facets of the game and can hit em out of the park. The safe bet is Mdymond will get them in the playoffs again. PREDICTION: 88 + Roll the Dice (Wild-card)

AT THE BREAK: Mdymond finally filled out his roster by promoting Livan TorcatoJesus Montanez  , Eric Serrano and Ned Donatello . And even though they are young, they will help get this team to the playoffs...maybe? Right now the Salmonbellies are on pace to win 91 games with great power hitting (204 homers , .284 BA). The pitching is in the middle of the pack and may get better with time. This team will battle for one of the wild-card spots and still has a outside chance at the division crown.

Cheyenne Bagwell Bashers


PREVIEW: In the off-season Gates and Sheets went to free agency and Manuel, Sanchez, Jackson, Rapp, Prieto and McConnell were released. Needing several players to fill out his roster . Carseneau claimed Gonzales off the wire and signed free agents Nieves, Shaw and Dingman. Finally he added Culver in the R-5 draft. This is the youngest team in Wrigleyville with a average age of 26.1. They also have hardly any M L experience (1.6 avg M L years). There still is a ton of talent on the Farm but  are not ready for the Bigs. Right now Cheyenne will grow the youngsters and finish below .500 . PREDICTION:70-92

AT THE BREAK: Cheyenne is still in the middle of a re-build and are on track to win about 62 games. Carseneau added Jim Hartley in the draft and Yamaico Kim in the IFA market. The Bagwell Bashers will be riding out the season and cooking them tasty prospects.

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