Monday, May 12, 2014


Madison Muskellunges

RECORD: 62-29

PREVIEW: In the off-season Daddio re-signed Sammy Sanchez , Eddie Locke and Yorvit Delgado .He  let Rosa, Mateo and Flores go to free agency and released Haney outright. He filled out the roster with free agents Wyatt, Henry, Laffey, Davis and Marquez. The core of the Muskies are still here with some good free agents added. The N L North is a small pond and Daddio's Muskies are the BIG FISH , they should win it again. Don't know if I could get by them in the playoffs again,but I hope we get to go a second time around.PREDICTION:99-63(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: This was a easy call....The Muskellunges are well on their way to another division win. With 62 wins at the break they are on pace to win 110 games this year. Daddio has his offense in high gear (Sorry Sandberg).So far they have scored 576 runs...........egads.......576 runs!! That's 84 more runs than the Big Bad Black Bears. Madison has a average pitching team so if you plan on beating them, you may have to score 7 or more runs. No wonder my pitchers hate facing this team.

Milwaukee Sturgeon


Scranton Scrappers


PREVIEW: In the off-season Martin and Penny went to free agency and Gbuck released Coleman, Jang and Porcello. He traded away Sandoval  to Tampa Bay. To re-stock the Scrappers line-up, Gbuck claimed Byrnes, Flynn, Espinoza and Uribe. Then he signed free agents Maduro and Zerbe and promoted Sweeney, Shave, Amaro, Ochoa, Leon and Wang. Finally he picked up Balboa in the R-5 and traded for Earley. To fill out this years roster, Gbuck emptied the minor league cupboard and mostly filled the rest with waiver claims . The trade that brought in Earley will add some power hitting to the line-up. This team is unproven and they may take another year or two before their ready to contend.PREDICTION:70-92

AT THE BREAK: Gbuck sent out this alert!! ... now 18 game sunder .500 but a mere difference of 49 runs between scored and allowed....some close games, but horrible staff....should be able to improve in the upcoming seasons....That's what makes it fun I guess!and I am pulling what is left of my hair out over this team.
 I have the number to Hair Club for Men  if you need it Gbuck. And as a former hair puller outer I can tell you that  it is a lot of fun building a winner. Right now the Scrappers are on pace to win 66 games and will continue to add more players.

Tacoma Toyotas


PREVIEW: In the off-season Wall, Rivera, Catalanotto, Conway and Hyzdu went to free agency. Sandberg signed free agents Rosa, Fernandez, Delgado and promoted Porter and Ugueto. Then he grabbed Bravo and Baily in the R-5 draft. The Rookie Porter and the R-5 Bravo look like future stars. But this team has a way to go before they contend.PREDICTION:67-95

AT THE BREAK: I still have a lot of car jokes up my sleeve but I'm not sure Sandberg would think they were funny. His Toyotas are stuck in the ditch and are spinning their wheels with a projected 55 win season. It got worse when he sent this chat: It's now official that I won't be signing the #2 overall pick and taking the type D #3 overall next season.
Well........... there's always next years model!!

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