Monday, December 6, 2010

The HARTFORD CRUSHERS are Wrigleyville World Champs

ARomanos Hartford Crushers squeezed by the Moose in game seven to win the 12th Wrigleyville World Series.It wasn't an easy road to the title for the Crushers. They had to play the defending champs Memphis Blues in the DCS.Winning 3 games to 1. Then in the LCS the Crushers were matched against the always tough Barking Moonbats.They won in 5 games. Finally ARomano's bunch faced the 3 time NL Champ Syracuse Moose. And the Moose were defeated for the second consecutive year by the upstart Crushers.
   I caught up to ARomano in Driggs Idaho. Were he was busy at his latest venture . It seems ARomano has bought and refurbished the Spud Drive-In. The Always amiable ARomano was standing by a flatbed truck with the worlds largest Potato. We shook hands and he motioned me to a seat near the entrance of his new theater. So I asked him.  Before I get into your amazing run to the Wrigleyville Championship. What ever possessed you to buy a huge Potato and a Run Down Theater in podunk Idaho??" He shifted his weight and replied." I was in the Dog house with the Missus. She bought a new Brazierre and asked me what I thought of it? Well I told her that it would sure keep her Tits off the Plate when she was eating.So because of that I was bunking at Mark3313's place. Then I won this place in one of Marks late night Poker Game. I figured that even if the theater goes belly up. I can chop up the Massive Tater and serve it at Crushers games ." Yea that Potato will make alot of Fries. Anyways Congrats on your Title. What does the future hold for the Crushers? ARomano smiled and said."I think my team is just coming into its own. And I look forward to winning many more Titles in Wrigleyville." Just then a young filly in daisy dukes walked by and ARomano was off to do a little recruiting . I hope he brought his Check book she may want a signing bonus!!  Well It was great visiting Driggs Idaho .Perhaps you'all will stop by for heapin helping of some hospitality!!! This is I B Lyon reporting for Mad News

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