Sunday, December 26, 2010



OUT: Gerald Hasegawa , Bill Neagle , Dan Evers

IN: Posiedon Borders

PREVIEW: First the good news. The Moose won the division and the N L Pennat for the second consecutive year. The bad news is ,that they lost again in the Series. I wish I had that bad news. So with a proven winner already assembled ,Rugby probably only wants to tweak his lineup.  First Hasegawa , Neagle and Evers left the Moose for free agency. Then he picked up Borders in the R-5 draft. Like I said ,Rugby only lost a couple of players and he still has 7 million in cap space. So he may do some promotions or pull off a trade later . Still this team is stout and they will battle San Juan for the Division. Prediction:98-64

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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OUT: Bryan James , Rudy Morton , David Satou , Cesar Morales , Gail Phillips , Clarence Christiansen , Cole Herrmann

IN: Vinny Tartabull , Joseph Maeda

PREVIEW: The Crabbers have battled their division nemisis the Moose year after year.And again settled for a wild card berth last year. Ralph hopes this is the year they win their second division title. So with that in mind Ralph went into the offseason with a vengance. First he let James , Morton and Satou go to free agency. Then he released Morales and Phillips and traded away Christiansen and Herrmann. Finally he signed free agents Tartabull and Maeda. This could be the year the Crabbers win the division. They will have to stay healthy though . If they don't win the division look for them as a wild card contender.Prediction:98-64 possible Wild Card

Rbedwells Preview:  The Santurce Crabbers, frustrated in the playoffs the past four seasons, are going unconventional. In is a 4-man rotation, at least for the first part of the season: #p2304618Cho,p Weston, MacDougal, and Shea . They're backed by a new, improved bullpen: Pimentel, Tartabull, Krivda, and Hyun as the main men,and Werth, Munoz, Leary, and Oliva in backup bullpen roles. If a 5th SP is necessary later in the season, Gonzalez and Stockton are in AAA waiting by the phone.The lineup is bolstered by the addition of Rookie of the Year candidate Okajima and strong-armed backstop Gray , with all other significant contributors returning.Overall, the team lost P Clarence Christiansen, (traded) RP Gail Phillips, (released during arb) UT David Satou, and LF Bryan James (declined to re-sign both as FAs).The team has added RP Vinny Tartabull (FA signing), RF Junior Okajima (rookie), and C Sam Gray (rookie). Also, INF-OF Jackie Guthrie may join the rookie corps later in the season.Overall, owner Ralph Bedwell feels like the team should be the best Crabbers team yet, with the new pitching scheme making most efficient use of the team's best arms,and Okajima adding pop and depth to the lineup. CF Ryan Vaughn should be improved, superstar B Pablo Samuel should once again challenge for the MVP, and sluggers #p1653273Glen Hughes,p Willie Mercado, Steven Tartabull, and Erubiel Espinosa are all threats to hit 30+ homers. The Syracuse Moose remain division favorites, but they will have stiff competition this season from the Santurce Crabbers.

Atlanta Peachfuzz (NL)
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OUT: Willie Karros , Felix Gao , Billy Connor

IN: Philip Alexander , Richard Kelly , B.C. Palacios , Julian Navarro , Julio Fuentes , Flash Reimold , Ruben Reyes

PREVIEW: Desanders bought this team from long time owner Boehnerm. Desanders made a fortune by selling 2 dollar bills for 5 bucks apeice. Plus shipping and handling . You know the one they're selling on TV. Only in America !! So with his new found wealth .Desanders moved the team from Scenic Trenton to Beautiful Atlanta. The first move the Peachfuzz(LOL) made was to let Karros go to free agency. Then he traded away Gao and Connor. Atlanta then claimed Alexander and Kelly off the waiver wire. They signed free agents Palacios and Navarro to contracts .Then  Fuentes was picked up in the R-5 draft. Finally they traded for Reimold and Reyes. Desanders still has 13 million in cap space and he may be looking to pickup a tasty IFA prospects or trade for a superstar contract. This team has improved but not to the point of beating San Juan and Syracuse. Prediction: 75-87

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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OUT: Dewey Coleman , Jose Martin , Brian Cox , Sherry Wells , Todd Santangelo , Woody Piersoll , Ruben Reyes , Flash Reimold

IN: Felix Guerrero , Jason Ransom , Victor Rodriguez

PREVIEW:  The new owner of the Christian Beavers is ehull11.He is fairly new to HBD but has an impressive record. He bought this team at an IRS auction after the team was seized for back taxes. It seemed that they used the religous exemption improperly. The old Beavers claimed that baseball was a Religion. But the Obama administration is pro basketball and didn't buy the Religous angle. Ehull11 moved the team lock stock and barrel to Historic Burlington. And of course named them the Coat Factory. The first offseason move was to let Coleman and Martin go to free agency. Ehull11 then released  Cox ,Wells and Santangelo and traded away Piersoll ,Reyes and Riemold. Burlington then promoted Guerrero and picked up Ransom in the R-5. Finally they traded for Rodriguez . Burlington has a total team salary of 36 million. So they are not going to compete for the division this year . Ehull11 will pick up tasty IFA's and grow them prospects. Prediction: 70-92

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