Tuesday, December 28, 2010


San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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OUT: Vinny Tartabull , Philip Schultz , Alberto Ramirez

IN: Rafael Benitez , Macbeth Lofton , Richard Nichols

PREVIEW: Mark and his Juggernaught have owned the NL West. But the post season is another story. The WIS gods are cruel bunch, to be sure. So with a solid core of superstars Mark went into the offseason Hoping for that magic player or two to bring the trophy back to old San Fransisco. He let Vinny "Shameless" Tartabull go to free agency. Then he traded away Schultz and Ramirez to Boston. With the loss of some studly pitching ,Mark signed veteren pitchers Benitez ,Lofton and Nichols. I believe that with all them superstars, its hard to pay them all. So mark had to let Tartabull and Ramirez go and replace them with older less expensive players. With that said, this team is still a force and perhaps older wiser players will be better in the post season. Worth a try! Prediction:105-57

Tucson Ectoplasm (NL)
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OUT: Hank Blume , Xavier Arnold , Julian Navarro , Neil Pierce , Miguel Ayala , Willie Sanchez

IN: Mike Malloy , Ozzie George , Odalis Oropesa , Patsy Hartman , David Cerda , Eswalin Canseco , Tyrone Beck

PREVIEW: The Wild Card Ecto's went into the postseason as the #6 seed and lost in the first round to Tampa Bay. This year the Tucson Fans want the Division Title and Snowedin is feeling the pressure. First he let Blume ,Arnold ,Navarro ,Pierce ,Ayala and Sanchez go the free agent market. Now with some cap room he went out and signed Malloy ,George and Oropesa. Then he promoted Hartman ,Cerda and Canseco and traded for Beck. It looks like snowedin was busy again building a winner. This team will make the playoffs.Probably as a Wild Card. Prediction:93-69


OUT: Kennie Reynolds , Quinn Kingman , Juan Hernandez , Ariel Gonzalez

IN: Nicky Romero , Hugh Cole , Nolan Leach

PREVIEW: I was suprised my team finished above .500 last year . Seeing how I'm sort of rebuilding. so with a core of overachievers I went into the offseason with optomism. I let Reynolds ,Kingman ,Hernandez and Gonzalez test the free agent market. I promoted Romero ,Cole and Leach  late last season. And I decided to keep them on. I lost a good pitcher to rival Wichita and this year will be a year of picking up IFA's and dratf picks. Perhaps next year I will bring in a high priced stud Player. For now we will be in the West basement. Prediction:70-92


OUT: Walter Kerr , Jalal Shea , Ryne Bryant , Julio Fernandez , Ignacio Herrera , Pasqual Bonilla , Mike Malloy

IN: Mark Phillips , Quinn Kingman

PREVIEW: The Wind finished at the bottom of the Division of Death.( No shame in that) But don't tell Hoopcoach that. Kerr , Shea and Bryant went to free agency. Hoppcoach then released Fernandez ,Herrera ,Bonilla and Malloy. He signed Phillips and Kingman to big ole contracts. The Wind lost a couple of good players to F/A. But they also signed a couple of good ones. This team probably won't make the playoffs but their headed in the right direction. Prediction:81-81

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