Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Portland Pandemonium (AL)
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OUT: Bey Robinson , Arthur Howard , Norberto Ramirez , Peter Hodges

IN: Samuel Tomlinson , Ariel Gonzalez , Ross Bush , Roy Kramer , Ernie Jenkins , Len Carver , Patrick Miller

PREVIEW: Pbsilver was very happy when he won his 3rd division title last year. But the jubilation was short lived after the Pandemonium lost in the DCS to the 2 time champion Barking Moonbats. Pbsilver has a great core of winners.So he went into the offseason looking to add just a few players.He released Robinson and traded away Howard ,Ramirez and Hodges. Then he signed free agents Tomlinson ,Gonzalez ,Bush and promoted Kramer. Finally Pbsilver traded for Jenkins , Carver and Miller. Looks like Portland unloaded a couple of big contracts in order to resign several players. The bats of Howard and Ramirez will be missed. But this team is still very good. Prediction:88-74

Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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OUT: Milton Oliver , Frank May , Jose Jimenez , Len Carver , Rip Meares , Luis Lopez

IN: Jamie Delahanty , Pedro Mercedes , Ed Comer , Miguel Piedra

PREVIEW: Slowly aaronwayne has brought this team along. And last season they showed some signs of life. Could this be the year the Prairie Dogs venture out of their hole? Fargo first let Oliver and May go to free agency. Fargo then traded away Jimenez ,Carver ,Meares and waived Lopez. Aaron signed free agents Delahanty , Mercedes and promoted Comer. Finally he traded for Piedra. Fargo has increased their payroll 20 million since last season. It looks like the Prairie Dogs are going for it!! Prediction:84-78


OUT: Armando Ortega , Pablo Duran , Rich Rando , Albert Uribe , Brady Sefcik , Harvey Rowan , Burt Harris , Felix Ramirez , Ricardo Torres , Mario Hunter , Ramon Lo

IN: Chuck Cummings , J.J. Melhuse , Paul Ryan , Pedro Feliz , Pinky Nady , Charles Wang , Matt Dransfeldt , Vance Schilling , Evan Thomson

PREVIEW: Kumbia and his Aztecas Finished 3rd in the division. A long way from his days as the division Champ. This year Kumbia has lowered his players salary cap by 17 million. First Kumbia let Duran ,Ortega ,Rando ,Uribe ,Sefcik and Rowan go to the free agent market. Then he released Harris, refusing to pay his Arbitration demands. Kumbia traded away Ramirez ,Torres ,Hunter and Lo .Dumping several big contracts. With a ton of holes to plug ,Kumbia signed free agents Cummings ,Melhuse and Ryan. Then he picked up Feliz ,Nady and Wang in the R-5 draft. Finally he traded for Dransfeldt ,Schilling and Thomson. With the offseason moves it looks like a classic Rebuild year. By shedding salary and picking up Bargain and R-5 players. The Aztecs still have 11 million in cap space. Look for Kumbia to build his farm system.Prediction:67-95

Trenton Truckstops (AL)
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OUT: Yorvit Moreno , Maximo Cochrane , Malachi Newson , Richard Nichols , Todd Ojeda , Larry Montgomery , Don Robinson , Stan Davis , Benny Leon , Matt Dransfeldt , Victor Rodriguez

IN: Luis Lopez , Tommie Reynolds , Hugh Lloyd , Dennis Burke , Derrin Price , Dan Mitchell , David Otanez , Bum Lawton , Felix Ramirez , Ricardo Torres , Mickey Harville , Dan Scutaro , Tripp Kent , Woody Piersoll , Tony Cedeno

PREVIEW: Shynet left his team to pursue a career in the theater. He got the part of Bashful in the Off Broadway production of Snow White and the Seven Naughty Dwarfs.Hey, Midget Porn is in these days. So district5 picked up this team for a song and a dance. Literally!! He performed the Staying Alive Dance of Saturday Night Fever .A wrigleyville fan favorite to be sure.  Once his platform shoes cooled down and he packed away his polyesther jumpsuit. District moved this team to Scenic Trenton and setup shop next to the Mercer County Airport . First he let Moreno ,Cochrane ,Newson , Nichols and Ojeda go to free agency. Then he Released Montgomery ,Robinson ,Davis ,Leon and traded away Dransfeldt and Rodriguez. Now to plug Dem Holes. First district Claimed Lopez and Reynolds off the Wire. He then Signed free agents Lloyd ,Burke ,Price ,Mitchell ,Otanez and promoted Lawton. Finally he traded for Ramirez ,Torres ,Harville , Scutaro ,Kent ,Piersoll and Cedeno. After the Truckstops broke out the Hose and washed away the muck and the sludge of the past. They Fixed up the old joint. So with a new coat of paint and a Neon sign. The Truckstops will win more games this year. The overhauled Truckstops may get a wild card. Prediction:87-75

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