Sunday, December 26, 2010


Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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OUT: Scot Kirwan , Felipe Urbina , Tyrone Beck

IN: No players added

PREVIEW: Zee, won his 3rd straight division title last year. The Spittoons lost to the Kickapoos in a tough 5 game DCS series. In order to Take the next step. The Spittoons need a player or two and some luck. First Zee let Kirwan and Urbina go to free agency. Then he traded away Beck to Tuscon. It looks like Zee is going with the hand he was dealt. By letting a couple low level pitchers go and trading away a slugger. He is betting this same bunch will rise to the occasion. And why not ? they proved again and again they're winners. PREDICTION:96-66

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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OUT: Alexander Stein , Ken Hardtke , Enrique Rosado , Alan Baumann , Macbeth Lofton , Raymond Jennings , Andres Gomez , Dick Collins

IN: Julio Mercado , Norman Munro , Javier Lopez , Dan Evers , Jae Kojima

PREVIEW: The Sturgeons had a resurgence last season after several years of retooling. With 111 million dollar payroll. Patricks team should start playing like 111 million. His philosophy is: Screw the draft and IFA's!! I'm going after free agents. So in the offseason he first let Stein, Hardtke, Rosado, Bauman and Lofton test the free agent market. Once the fish were fillet. He signed free agents Mercado, Munro, Lopez and Evers. Finally he traded for Kojima. It was out with the old and in with the new . With 16 million spent in free agency ,Patrick hopes this team starts earning their money. If this team starts slow or is out of it by the all-star break. Patrick will be moving some players. Prediction:85-77 Possible wild card

Seattle Supersonics (NL)
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OUT: Duane Thompson , Bump Killefer , Javier Lopez , Wiki Arias , Kevin Suzuki , Jamie Delahanty , Turner Sheridan , Walt Park

IN: Burt Harris , Charles Yamamoto , Sammy Sanchez

PREVIEW: The Supersonics are in year 4 of their rebuild. So it was no suprise they finished near the bottom. In the off season, Kevin let Thompson, Killefer, Lopez, Arias, Suzuki and Delahanty go to free agency. Then he released Sheridan and Park. Seattle signed free agents Harris and Yamamoto to contracts. Finally they promoted Sanchez. Perhaps its another season on the mend in Seattle. But their payroll is low and they have 20 million in cap space. They could trade for a big star or transfer money to pick up tasty IFA's. Perhaps next year they will make their move. Prediction:70-92


OUT: Ross Bush , Khoury Henley

IN: Brett Woodson , Jerome McNamara , Ron Clayton

PREVIEW: Sandberg10 and his 6 time division champion Toyotas suffered their worst season last year. I believe that he is in a rebuild here. So in the silly season he let Bush and Henley test the free agent market. Then he claimed Woodson off the waiver wire. Sandberg promoted Mcnamara to the bigs. Finally in the R-5 draft, he picked up Clayton. Looks like the Toyotas will vie for the #1 pick in the draft. Prediction:60-102

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