Friday, December 31, 2010


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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OUT: Odalis Oropesa , Luke Malloy , Cam Jones

IN: Willie Sanchez , Jake Womack

PREVIEW: Sordie and his 2 time champion Barking Moonbats won this division for the 6th year in a row. They were also my pick to play in the Series, but they were ousted in the ALCS by the Champion Crushers. With a core of great players the Barkers don't need alot of changes. So Sordie took time away from his filming of "Littlest Women 2"( a Midget Porn Sequel) to attend to his team..  He let Oropesa and Malloy go to free agency and waived Jones. Next he signed free agents Sanchez and Womack. While the loss Of Oropesa will be felt .Sordie did bring in veteran Womack to fill the hole. The Barking Moonbats will be in the playoffs again as div champs.With a little luck they will win their 3rd Wrigleyville title. Prediction: 105-57

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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OUT: B.C. Palacios , Glen Trujillo , Karl Speier , Paul Dong , David Otanez , J.R. Burnett , Ivan Bautista , Pep Tamura , Diego Cedeno , Yorvit Nunez , Lawrence Kerr , Dan Scutaro , Vic Bellhorn

IN: Cam Jones , Mo Huff , Julio Fernandez , Kelvim Yamamoto , P.T. James , Mac Wagner , David Furcal , Calvin Zhang , Victor Quixote , Harold Erstad , B.J. Mathewson , Mac Wagner

PREVIEW: mdymond and his Salmonbellies were in a rebuild mode last year. So it was suprising that they finished close to .500.  After last years Fire Sale Mdymond brought in a Bulldozer and cleared the charred remnants of this team away. He let Palacios, Trujillo ,Speier ,Dong ,Otanez ,Burnett Bautista and Tamura go to free agency. Mdymond then released Cedeno ,Nunez, Kerr and traded away Scutaro and Bellhorn.  . Mdymond needed to construct a new team. He started by claiming Jones and signing free agents Huff and Fernandez. Then he promoted Yamamoto ,James ,Wagner , Furcal ,Zhang and picked up Quixote ,Erstad and Mathewson in the R-5. FINALLY!! they traded for Wagner. Man I hate doing complete rebuilds. They take alot of time . This team is built on the cheap and will compete for the worst record and the #1 pick. Mdymond does have alot of cash to spend in the IFA market. so look for some big signings! Prediction: 60-102

Albuquerque Wrong Turns (AL)
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OUT: J.P. Cunningham , Dennis Burke , Harry Mercado , Jack Twitchell , Nicholas Meluskey , Jamey Richardson , J.J. Melhuse , Jesus Mendoza , Eric Brooks , Harry Maduro

IN: Jung Li , Dick Collins , Ignacio Herrera , Rafael Ordaz , Jaret Hoffman , Ruben Soriano , P.T. Armas , John Daniels , Nigel Hasegawa , Ralph Sadler , Stu Elder

PREVIEW: Shynet,( a.k.a Bashful)  has returned after his theatrical career ended abruptly. Shy is not a big talker but he did have this to say about his role in Snow White and the Seven Naughty Dwarfs. "They wanted someone smaller". Well I'm not sure if he was talking about Height or Length? But that said, Shynet is a good and capable owner and were lucky to have him back. He sent Cunningham ,Burke ,Mercado ,Twitchell ,Meluskey ,Richardson ,Melhuse and Mendoza to free agency. Then he released Brooks and Maduro. Shynet broke out the checkbook and signed Li ,Collins ,Herrera ,Ordaz ,Hoffman ,Soriano , Armas ,Daniels and Haswgawa to free agent contracts. Finally he promoted Sadler and Elder. Synet gutted this team and spent a fortune in free agency. The Wrong Turns are looking for the right mix of players. We will soon see! Prediction:85-77


OUT: Nigel Hasegawa

IN: Warren Glover , Wade Heath , Geraldo Mercado , Orber Salinas

PREVIEW: Itsamiracle is My friend from old CRD . And last season was tough for him. Theres alot to learn in this game of ours. So this year the training wheels are off and hes going to make a go of it. First he let Haswgawa go to free agency and signed free agent Glover and Heath. Then he promoted Mercado and Salinas. Itsamiracle is lowering his overall payroll to aquire IFA's and top draft picks. If I believed in beginners luck this team could make the playoffs.With some regular luck, they could get to .500 ? Hang in there Oldfart!!Prediction:72-90

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