Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hartford Crushers (AL)
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OUT: Jaret Hoffman , Mo Huff , Ozzie George

IN: Luke Malloy

PREVIEW: After missing the playoffs in season 11. ARomanos Crushers came back last season on a Mission. With A tank of gas,a bible, 2 Packs of smokes and a Bottle of Scotch whiskey. ARomano yelled "Hit IT"!!! and the Crushers cruised all the way to the World Series Championship. With a Wrigleyville World Series Trophy in the trunk of the Bluesmobile. ARomano went on his Mission of God. So he let Hoffman test the free agent market and released Huff and George. Then he signed Malloy to a free agent contract. With only a couple of moves made in the offseason. ARomano's Crushers are going to make another run at the title. And they have the soul to win it all again! Prediction:100-62

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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OUT: Pedro Matos , Benjamin Hunter , Amos Loiselle , P.T. Armas , Adrian Franco , Robb Holder , Luke Wilhelm

IN: Howard Fischer , Vladimir Polonia , Neil Pierce , Jumbo MacFarlane , Luke Wilhelm , Norberto Ramirez

PREVIEW: Jmuhtoff and his Howlers returned to the playoffs last year. But they lost in the first round to Portland. The upstart Howlers come into the offseason on an up-note. They first let Matos ,Hunter ,Loiselle and Armas go to free agency. And Franco was released outright and Holder and Wilhelm were traded to Portland. Jmuhtoff signed free agents Fischer ,Polonia ,Pierce and promoted MacFarlane. Then in a twist they re-aquired Wilhelm in the R-5 Draft.Finally the Howlers traded for Ramirez. The Barking and Howling will be heard all over Wrigleyville this year . The improved Howlers will be singing all the way to the playoffs. Probably as a wild card. Prediction:92-70

Jmuhtoff's Preview: Season 12 saw the Howlers return to the playoffs and we hope to build on our newfound momentum with a few key pieces this season.Vladimir Polonia takes over at DH where we hope he can hit for a higher average and be on base more often for new slugger Norberto Ramirez , who was acquired in trade for odd man out Robb Holder.We probably overpaid for Howard Fischer but we like to have a big glove on the bench. We expect solid offense and improved defense this year but this is a Jumbo MacFarlane world and we're just living in it.Jumbo has been the best pitcher in the Howler system since being drafted and we think this is the season to loose him to crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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OUT: Mark Phillips , Ryan Weaver , Aramis Crespo , Glen Marte , Kennie Riley , Bill Green , Tony Duncan  , Evan Thomson

IN: Sherry Wells , Thom Wright , Eswalin Benitez , Denny Keough , Michael Curtis , Braden Duffy , Tony Matos , Ramon Lo

PREVIEW: The Injuns have come along way since Ardthomp took this team over. The Injuns are dancing around the fire after making the playoffs again last season . So after the Pow Wow was over .Ardthomp went into the offseason looking to trade several blankets and shiny beads . First he let Phillips ,Weaver ,Crespo and Marte walk the trail of free agency. Then he traded away Riley ,Green ,Donut Duncan and Thomson . With a Peace Pipe in one hand and a small stack of cash in the other. Ardthomp signed free agent Wells and promoted papooses Wright and Benitez . After trading away several players, plug of Tabakky ,several Ponys and Squaw or two. The Injuns picked up Keough ,Curtis ,Duffy ,Matos and LO. The Injuns did what injuns do!! They drank firewater ,danced ,smoked and traded into the night. And they could make trouble if they stay healthy(Sober). May be in the wild card hunt again. Prediction:90-72


OUT: Vladimir Polonia , Julio Mercado , Charles Suzuki , Charles Yamamoto

IN: Miguel Ayala , Glen Marte , Philip Schultz , Alberto Ramirez , Rip Meares

PREVIEW: Avantreal and his Knights shocked The East by winning the Division in season 11. And even though this team had a good season last year . The rest of the East got better and Avantreal barely missed the playoffs. So he went into the silly season with an eye on returning to the playoffs. Avantreal  let Polonia , Mercado ,Suzuki and Yamamoto go to free agency.  Then he signed free agents Ayala and Marte. Finally he traded for Schultz ,Ramirez and "Let er" Rip Mears. This is one of the toughest Divisions in Wrigleyville. And the teams will slug it out for the wildcard spots. Don't count this team out yet . They may suprise us. Prediction:88-70

Avantreal's Preview: Heya! Boston's outlook is pretty good this year.Upgraded the starting pitching and lost a little power but brought speed and contact back into its game. We arent going to smack the **** out of the ball, but should be able to win with defense, pitching and small ball

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