Monday, December 27, 2010


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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OUT: Apollo West , Quinn Hatteberg , Hugh Lloyd , Tripp Kent

IN: Bryan James , Brady Sefcik , Matt Gibbons , Gio Villano , Jose Jimenez , Cole Herrmann , Clarence Christiansen

PREVIEW: Tampa Bay won their 10th division title last season. So with a strangle hold on the N L South, jmas wants more(Greedy LOL). First he let West ,Hatteberg and Lloyd go to free agency and released Kent. To fill the holes of the departed he signed free agents James and Sefcik. Then he promoted Gibbons and picked up Villano in the R-5. Finally jmas traded for Jimenez , Herrmann and Christiansen. Tampa will probably win the Division again. The Tampa Fans hope they win their second World Series. Prediction:98-64

Houston Colt 45's (NL)
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OUT: Craig Savage , Burt Tomlinson , Victor Cruz , Miguel Chavez , Ernie Jenkins , Patrick Miller

IN: Apollo West , Carlos Estrada , Sting Hansen , Miguel Melo , Peter Hodges , Tomas Alvarez , Robb Holder

PREVIEW: What !! no Manatees? It looks like Sandleaguer packed up his leftover Rubber Manatees and left town in the middle of the night. BBMogul has stepped in and moved the team to Houston. This team had a low overall salary and BB upped it by 30 million . With a bag full of money BB went into this offseason ready to spend. First he let Savage , Tomlinson and Cruz go to free agency and released Chavez. Then he Traded away Jenkins and Miller. He signed  West (18.5 mil) and promoted Estrada and Hansen. Finally BBmogul picked up Melo in the R-5 draft and traded for Hodges , Alvarez and Holder. The revamped Houston bullpen is much better and this may put them over the top. I like this team as my sleeper pick.  Prediction: 90-72

Durham Natty Knights (NL)
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OUT: John Daniels , Phil Dunwoody , Jake Womack , Terrence Pierre , Jimmie Gonzalez , Tino James , Jae Kojima , Denny Keough , Michael Curtis , Tony Matos

IN: Ryne Bryant , Ken Hardtke , Bill Neagle , Haywood Titan , Benji Aquino , Pablo Moreno , Rob Rasmus , Arthur Howard , Kennie Riley , Tony Duncan , Felix Gao , Billy Connor

PREVIEW: Lagzilla left Wrigleyville after his New Orleans Hip Waders sprung a leak and filled with Oil. With a truckload of Soap and several FEMA trailers .Tjdove123 packed up the entire team and relocated them to Durham. Like the Houston Colts above ,the Natty Knights increased the salary cap and went a spending on players. But first they  let Daniels , Dunwoody ,Womack ,Pierre and Gonzalez go to free agency. Then they released James and traded away Kojima ,Keough ,Curtis and Matos. Tjdove pulled out his Checkbook and signed free agents Bryant(10 Mil) ,Hardtke and Neagle(19.7 mil). They promoted Titan and Aquino then picked up Moreno and Rasmus in the R-5. Finally they traded for Howard ,Riley ,Tony"The Doughnut" Duncan ,Gao and Conner. This team went through a major makeover. And with Talent added to the starting rotation. This team should increase their win total. Prediction: 81-81

Tjdove's Preview: The Natty Knights had a very busy offseason adding the likes of Tony Duncan, Ryne Bryant, Bill Neagle, Arthur Howard, Felix Gao, and Billy Connor.The additions of Bryant, Neagle, Gao, and Connor should help rebuild the pitching staff while Howard and Duncan should help w/ the free agent loss of John Daniels. We are hoping for breakout seasons from youngsters Ross Griffen and Ben Taylor

Austin City Limits (NL)
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OUT: Geronimo Candelaria , Gabe Roberts , Miguel Perez , Luis Mota , Braden Duffy , Pascual Mercedes

IN: Walter Kerr , Trot Borders , Renyel Guerrero , Bill Green

PREVIEW: Wylies team rebounded from a horrible season 11 to finish with 71 wins. So he uprooted the Charlotte Chimps and moved them to Austin. The fans in the Lone Star state are excited and advanced ticket sales are through the roof. Now that the Poo flinging era has come to an end. Wylie went into free agency with a spring in his step and clean shoes. First the City Limits let Candelaria go to free agency and released Roberts ,Perez and Mota. Then they traded away Duffy and placed Mercedes on the Wire. Wylie went to the Market and signed free agent Kerr . He picked up Borders and Guerrero in the R-5 draft. Finally he traded for Green . The new digs may help in ticket sales but on the field this team needs a little more.Prediction:75-87

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