Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:92-70   What would be a good year for me. Was a bad year for the Crushers. Look for ARomano to come back with a vengence.I still think this team will win this division . but it may depend on the health of some key players.

OUT: Rafael Guzman, Stuart Mench, Herman White, Peter Wang

IN: Ed Norman , Kris Glauber, Tino Gong

PREVIEW: ARomano's Crushers barely won this division last season . It's due to the tough competition in this Division. With a good core of players in place. ARomano let few players leave like Peter Wang......he was a Dick . This allowed room for AAA call-up Tino "King" Gong and a couple select free agents. The Crushers will always be in the mix at the end. But can they win the division again?? I'll have to break out the Chicken Bones for this prediction. PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74   Avantraels Knights had a good season. Just not good enough for this division.The Knights have the same Pitching staff as last year. And with the addition of a All-Star catcher, they hope to make it back to the playoffs. It will be a tough crusade in this division.

OUT: Rip Meares, Marc Lawrence, Teddy Buckley

IN: Jose Brogna

PREVIEW: Boston had another good year but was bounced out in the first round of the playoffs. Avantrael's guys just need some breaks to get over the so-called hump. Boston let an aged Rip Mears go to free agency, then traded 2 Stud starting pitchers for a trio of prospects. One of which may start this season at 3rd(Brogna). Avantreal still has 15 million in cap space to replace the pitching he gave up. But for now its a big hole to fill. PREDICTION:81-81

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74   ardthomp lost some free agent players but also resigned several.The Indians suprised me with a Division Pennant. And Ardthomp has traded some youngsters for some good players. Will the Injuns go far in the Dance this year ? They have as good of chance as any contender.

OUT: Tony Matos, Dennis Williams

IN: Corey O'Brien, Hugh Wells


After missing the playoffs last season with a roster that we thought would contend, you would think the roster would get a bit of an overhaul. But, the Indians decided to stay put on the roster for the most part. The defense is going to be solid again, with two Gold Glove winners returning at second base and left field. The pitching should be about the same as last year, but with two additions to the bullpen in Wells and O'Brien, the Indians hope they can nail down some of those late inning issues they had last season.

PREVIEW: The Good News: The Injuns had another 87 win season. The Bad News: Instead of winning the division,the Injuns finished 3rd and missed the post season. Sometimes HBD is cruel that way. Ardthomp believes in this bunch . And he's gonna ride this Pony until it croaks. Then he'll eat it fer dinner(just like an Injun). Ardthomp only lost 2 players and brought in 2 free agent pitchers to shore up the Pen. Ardthomp raised the cap ceiling to sign his free agents. So it looks like ardthomp is going for it. If , the injuns are in it after the break .Look for the red devils to make a move or two. PREDICTION:91-71

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72   The Howlers missed the playoffs and the Pennant by 1 game last year. Looks like it will be a dogfight with the with the other teams in this tough division. The Howlers will be in the thick of the Division hunt. They should make the playoffs.

OUT: Tripp Kent, Jim Lennon, Vladimir Polonia, Geronimo Bournigal, Rico Posada, Jung Li, Norberto Ramirez, Sidney Tresh, Edgar Santos

IN: Eric Milliard, Vic Velazquez, Oswaldo Castilla, Duffy Peterman, Nicholas Jamison, Denny Buford, J.D. Wise, Buster O'Connor

PREVIEW: Well.....the Howlers missed the playoffs. But with 1 thru 4 in the division capable of winning the pennant . It makes predicting tough. Unlike the other 3 teams in this division. The Howlers made a bunch of changes. Jmuhtoff traded away Tresh and Santos and let a half dozen souls go to free agency. He brought in a closer with a trade(O'conner). Then he grabbed a waiver player and several F/A's. Finally he plugged the holes with 2 R-5 guys. Jmuhtoff still has plenty of cap room so he may make a move or pick up a tasty IFA later. The Howlers are always competative and this year you can expect the same. PREDICTION:84-78

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