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LAST SEASONS PREDICTION:95-67  I believe TC is serious about winning another series and money is no object. Just ask the Yanks

OUT: Harry Mercado, Vinny Tamura, Vic Bellhorn, Louis Timmons, Valerio Alvarez, Carlton Rivers, Sal Stovall, J.J. Clark

IN: Dan Evers, Herman White, Buddy Day, Ahmad Burns, Luis Gil, Ivan Cortez

PREVIEW: TC had a very nice year. But in the LCS he got swept by the Champs. No shame in that!! TC got rid of several players due to age and outragous Arb requests.
He imported a couple of pitchers from the San Juan farm system. and filled the rest with free agents and a R-5 player. I don't see any upgrades in talent but with a solid core of winners . The Blues may get Red hot again. And that could spell trouble for the rest of us. PREDICTION:95-67

Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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LAST SEASONS PREDICTION:81-81  Hatton lowered his cap and increased his HS and Col scouting. It looks like the Sometimes will be looking towards the draft and maybe a stud IFA. They will finish last in this Division.

OUT: Kevin Holmes, Arthur Phillips, Josias Pescado, Duane Thompson, Frank May, Aramis Flores, Daniel Seneca, Sammy Galvez,

IN: Nigel Hasegawa, Peter Dong, Ronnie Bradley, Ross Bush, Enrique Cordero, Rick Cashman, Julian Navarro

PREVIEW: Hatton took the Sometimes to the playoffs in his first year. Then he let Some of them go to free agency. He Filled the roster with low level free agents ,2 million or less. I see that Hatton is bringing in talent without breaking the bank. This will allow him to restock the farm system also. This team could be a force soon . PREDICTION: 82-80

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST SEASONS PREDICTION:84-78   Now that the Posse is fresh as a morning breeze .They will look to compete for the Division pennant. If  Mempnis and Charleston take it easy on the Posse. They will be there at the end.

OUT: Andre Matthews, Albert Renteria, Jacque Li, Cal Chiasson, Alejandro Perez

IN: Dwight Webster, David Lopez, Denny Keough, Kirk Davidson, Alfredo Acosta

PREVIEW: In this tough ,competative division 500 doesn't cut it. Illicit still has his core players together and let an aging Catcher go as well as some under-preforming players. He picked up a free agent Catcher(Lopez) as well as a stud Pitcher(Davidson). Illicit plugged the last hole by promoting CF'er Acosta. This is a tough division to predict . Any team could win this division. It may come down to who's healthy at the end. PREDICTION: 85-77

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST SEASONS PREDICTION:96-66   Wow. That was some Great Tabaky. Charleston smoked the competition on the way to thier first World Series Win.This is pretty much the same team that won it all last year. But can they show it wasn't a fluke? Regardless this team will contend for the division.

OUT: Benjamin Hunter, Haywood Guerrero, Corey O'Brien, Benjamin Taylor, Lorenzo Torres

IN: Arthur Phillips, Lonny Carpenter, Raul Iglesias, Steve Anderson, Rick Surkamp , Danys Megias

PREVIEW: The Tabaky has lost its Magic. After coming back down to earth, the Charleston fans will want another Title.Nwsheehy let a couple of aging players go. Then released a couple former first round picks(O'Brien,Taylor) and a 2 time world series champ(Torres). He promoted a couple players, then filled the holes with a R-5 and a few Free Agents. I like the Tabaky Farmers chances and they are my Dark Horse pick. PREDICTION:97-65

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