Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:89-73  Awash in cash Pat spent 36 million on free agents and filled the holes with 4 R-5 players. Its a mix of Veteran free agents and youngsters on the new look Sturgeons. This team could win the division but it will be a close race with Chicago.

OUT: Rick Cashman, Tom Hutton, Javier Lopez, Dan Evers, Jacob Marshall

IN: Carson Monroe, Gene Eaton, Clyde Ratliff

PREVIEW: Pats Sturgeon finished exactly as predicted. He always builds a winner ,no matter which league he's in. This offseason he let 4 players go to free agency(Cashman,Hutton,Lopez,Evers) and released Marshall. He filled the holes with 3 free agents(Monroe,Eaton,Ratliff). With a team salary at 106 million ,Pat doesn't have alot of wiggle room replacing the pitching lost. But he picked up some players that may have been forgotten in the minors. Still this team should contend for the Division Title. PREDICTION:86-76

Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81  So in steps Daddio. He moved the team across the country to beautiful Madison . He upped his cap by 20 mil signed a couple free agents and will look to bid on a couple tasty IFA's. Look for this team to finsh about .500.

OUT: Enrique Cordero, Pascual Vargas, Charles Yamamoto, Pablo Lee, Tony Guerrero

IN: Jacque Li, Dennis Williams, Craig Martin, Billy Ensberg

DADDIOS PREVIEW: Player losses: Enrigue Cordero Player Additions: Jacque Li, Dennis Williams .Very little changes were made during the offseason for the Muskellunges.Three rookies will surely make an impact on Madison's performance; Pitchers Jesus James and Cyrus Bottalico and RFer Billy Ensberg. Madison hopes a mix of veteran and young talent will lead to a productive year.

PREVIEW: Daddio survived his first season in Wrigleyville. And he did well picking up a Tasty IFA and some nice players in the Draft. With building his farm system in mind, Daddio will be conservative in the offseason. First he let several players go to free agency(Cordero,Vargas,Yamamato,Lee) and waived Guerrero. Then he signed free agent Li and Williams to contracts and promoted Martin and Ensberg. Ensberg may have been called up to soon , but it may work out. Look for this team to improve a little while he picks up another tasty IFA. Daddio still has plenty of cap to transfer to Prospects. PREDICTION: 81-81

Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  With letting Francis and several other players go . Hshack was able to bring in talent to his liking. Still with a payroll of 107 million this team will have to perform or a fire sale will be immenent.

OUT: Don Nunnally, Bryan Wilson, Hugh Wells, Orlando Lee, Chris Berry, Derek Francona

IN: Carlos Santos, Cesar Morales, William Piper, B.C. McMillan, Jason Ross, James Gonzales, Bernard Blackley

PREVIEW: I'm sure there was some selling going on late in the season. Hshack now has his cap at 95 million. 17 million less than when he took over last season. He's on the right track .Shedding bloated salaries and building his farm system. 7 players are gone thru free agency  including Nunnally. Chicago signed free agent Santo. Then he promoted Morales,Piper,Mcmillan and Ross . Finally he picked up 2 R-5 guys(Gonzales,Blackley). This team has some talent but they may take a late season swoon again. PREDICTION:84-78


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:75-87  Sandberg added some defense ,hitting and a couple Pitchers. While increasing his payroll by 10 million. This team is better but not enough to hit .500. Perhaps he will add some more youngsters to the farm system. Its getting crowded down there.

OUT: Albert Runyan, Jackson Brooks, Aurelio Javier


PREVIEW: Sandberg lost and lost big last year. He is rewarded with the #1 pick this year. He let a trio of players leave and has yet to assign any of his free agents. My guess he's waiting for S/T to end before he fills out his roster. PREDICTION: 70-92

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