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San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:106-56  Mark again had a dominate regular season. And again lost in the playoffs. Mark and his Kickapoos are back to try again. They will win this Division and the odds are still in thier favor to win the Series.

OUT: Duffy Peterman, Fausto Fernandez, Macbeth Lofton, Marty Allen

IN: Vic Bellhorn, Joseph Maeda,

PREVIEW: Every time I start to feel sorry for the Kickapoos inability to win the series. I look at my pathetic team and.....well......That empathy feeling seems to fade. Still mark knows how to put together a trade. And he will always have a chance to win the series. The Kickapoos didn't lose alot of talent. They did trade away slugger Marty Allen for some prospects. Then Mark signed free agents Bellhorn and Maeda to round out his roster. The Kickapoos will win this division. But the playoffs................PREDICTION:105-55


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-62   Longtime Owner Snowedin has left Wrigleyville.Bob moved the team to Cheyenne and has settled in nicely. This team is still intact with the addition of a nice SP#1 .Look for them to compete for a Wild Card.......again.

OUT: Dwight Webster, Hughie Newfield, Vince Tipton, Carlos Santos, Buster O'Connor, George Cordova, Ben Davis, Odalis Oropesa

IN: Kevin Martin, Harry Saberhagen, Daryle Brock, Ben Borland, Luther Rapp, Ivan Rosado, Sidney Tresh, Ronnie Jones, Edgar Santos, Rich Ward

PREVIEW: Well...Bobferg is gone and in steps soxfan#9. His first move was to relocate this team to Beautiful Boise. he let 4 players go to free agency and traded away four more. He signed a couple free agents for 14 million(Martin,Saberhagen). Picked up some talent in trades(Ward,Santos,Jones,Tresh).Promoted 3 youngsters(Brock,Borland,Rapp). Finally soxfan 9 filled the last hole with a R-5 player(Rosado). This team increased the talent pool and if they come together as a team they will be a good Club. PREDICTION:92-60


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:75-87  Last year my team finished where I thought they would.My team is still in a rebuild perhaps i can pick up some tasty IFA's .

OUT: Peter Dong, Dennis Lee, Tarrik Francis, Deacon Tresh

IN: Duke Lane

PREVIEW: Last season was my worst yet......Yet. I thought the signing of Francis would win me a few more games. NOT!!. So this off season I traded Tarrik away and let Peter Dong go to free agency.....He was also a Dick. I also let Lee and Tresh leave. I picked up a R-5 pitcher and I plan to promote some youngsters after the start of the season. I have a buttload of talent in AAA and AA almost ready to play in the Bigs. Could be a year or two before they all make it to the Bigs. Meanwhile I'll be looking up from the cellar. PREDICTION:70-92


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81  Hoopcoach is starting his 4th year in Wrigleyville.So far  the Wind has been calm, but they may blow up anyday.It looks like Hoopcoach is going to give this squad another year to find thier way. He may pull the plug if this team Falters. Fire sales are a good thing sometimes.I still say this team is a .500 squad.

OUT: Fred Tankersley, Banana Murphy, Welington Vizquel, Jimmie Guerrero, Footsie Rogers, Quinn Kingman

IN: J.J. Melhuse, Cesar Gomez, Bob Daley

PREVIEW: I know this team went on a losing streak late. Not sure if it was by design or just lack of talent. Hoopcoach let several players leave and traded away Guerrero and Kingmans hefty salary(Combined 17 million a year). He signed a free agent infielder and traded for a big bat. Perhaps he will promote some minor league talent. But as of now this team will be in the basement with me. Misery loves company!! PREDICTION:70-92

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