Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:105-57  The Barking Moonbats will be in the playoffs again as div champs.With a little luck they will win their 3rd Wrigleyville title.

OUT: Deion Cedeno, Harry Saberhagen

IN: Al Fernandez

PREVIEW: Congrats Sordie on your third Wrigleyville Title. And the same bunch will return for season 15. Except for the addition of a center fielder Fernandez. The Moonbats are the favorite to win this Division. They will need to stay healthy to repeat. Don't be suprised if there is another outbreak of Moonbat Fever in the post season. PREDICTION:100-62

Scottsdale Shock Squad (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:60-102   Itsamiracle bailed in the middle of last season. The oldfart was overwhelmed with the game. Coach34 was good enough to step in and take over the franchise. He let a myriad of players go and brought in a bunch to his liking.

OUT: Frank Coleman, Yorvit Moreno, Harry Nieves, Oscar Wanatabe, Bob Daley

IN: Cole Herrmann, Corey Rodgers, Walt Nation, Marty Allen, Benji Aquino, Quinn Kingman

COACH'S PREVIEW: After winning 80 games while rebuilding for their best showing since season 8, The Shock Squad have higher aspirations in season 15. They will be led by 2B Ewell Morris ,DH David Vazquez , Rookie of the Year Torey Acosta , as well as newcomers Marty Allen and Walt Nation On the Bump, the Shock Squad will be led by Quinn Kingman ,who came over in a trade with Wichita. Other solid starters are Louis Rekar and Chris Taylor . Yorvit Delgado takes over the closer role after a great season as the set-up man.The Shock Squad staff isnt imposing, but should perform well due to having the two best defensive catchers of any world in Corey Rodgers and Benji Aquino .
PREVIEW: Coach Shocked Wrigleyville with his near .500 record last season. He was very busy working the trade chat line. And he pulled the trigger on several trades that brought in Solid Major Leaguers. Including the bloated salary of Kingman.I'm not convinced this team will take the division from the World Champs. But they will finish above .500. Nice job Coach. PREDICTION: 85-77


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:79-83  With all the changeover the last 2 years this team is hard to figure. But with a weak bullpen they may be looking at a good draft pick next year

OUT: Ruben Soriano, P.T. Armas, Frank Dwyer, Josh Greene, Ted Dixon, Chuck Sosa

IN: Fritz Baker, Kelly Clinton, Stan Rogers

SWISHNEV23 PREVIEW: Season 14 was a transition season for the Arizona Cobras as they struggled through a roster rebuild at the major league level and an Organizational rebuild everywhere else.The Cobras enter Season 15 knowing that they are still a few seasons away from contending but believing that they are on the right path in the tough AL West.Season 14 AL MVP Johnny Stone returns as the key cog to the Cobras offensive machine after posting 49 home runs and driving in 145 runs.He's hoping for bounce back years from Rico Trevino and Russell Haynes to help carry the club offensively. There is some speed in the lineup with Stu Elder,Bob Brooks and Harry Pena but they need to get on base more often to be considered consistent threats. The pitching staff is held together with duct tape as Bill Neagle is handed the #1 spot in the rotation.Neagle is an innings eater that's desperately needed on this staff. The rest of the rotation is a work in progress as consistent performers have yet to be found.The bullpen has been rebuilt with David Seanez, Ivan Ortiz and Stan Rogers hoping to hold leads and close out games. A .500 season isn't out of the question as most of this roster helped the Cobras finish one game over .500 after the All-Star Break in Season 15. That being said the emphasis for this year will be the production of prospects already in the minor leagues along with the signing of new talent to help for years to come.

PREVIEW: After finishing about where I figured. The Cobras come into this year looking to tread water and not sink to the bottom of the WEST. Out with the Old Timers like Dixon , Greene and Soriano. Then Swish brought in 2 F/A pitchers and a waiver claim pitcher. This team is looking to develop the farm kids and could make their move in a couple years. PREDICTION:70-92

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81   The Salmonbellies suprised me with their play last season. The new look Salmonbellies took Wrigleyville by storm. They also took the vaunted Moonbats to a 5th game in the DCS.I suppose the Salmonbellies are for real. But can they win 90+ games 2 years in a row?.I dont think so

OUT: Thurman Morgan, Bill Green, Tony Cabrera, Keith Ferguson, Rob Prinz, Geronimo Candelaria, Denny Keough

IN: Norberto Ramirez, Jerome Stevenson, Tony Matos, Juan Flores, Felipe Ramirez, Jimmie Guerrero

PREVIEW: I did'nt think the Salmonbellies would drop below .500. But with all the changes, its hard to get a good read on this team. This season is no different with 7 players gone off last years roster. And the addition of a half dozen new faces. None of the Salmonbelly pickups will Wow ya. So the Salmonbellies will finish about the same as last year. PREDICTION:77-85

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