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Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  After winning the division from the upstart Colt 45's . The Stars fell to the same wild card Houston team in the playoffs.The Stars will try to out score there oppopnents again this season. But in the playoffs it is said that pitching wins championships. Jmas's reply to that philosophy."Chicks dig the Long Ball".

OUT: Oswaldo Castilla, Jerome Stevenson, Freddie Mohr, Derrin Price, Jose Gonzalez, Stan Fassero, Clarence Cookson, Kiki Duran, Cole Herrmann, Corey Rodgers

IN: Tripp Kent, Victor Quixote, Matt Dransfeldt, Antonio Huang, Jeffrey Blackley, Don Hyzdu, Aurelio Mercado, Apollo West, Willie Buckley, Tarrik Francis

PREVIEW: The Stars have won yet another Division title. The Tampa fans would like another World Series trophy and jmas is working towards that goal. He let 3 players head to free agency(Castilla,Stevenson,Mohr) and released Gonzalez and Price. Traded away Fassero and Cookson then waived the rest. Jmas signed 3 free agents(Kent,Quixote,Dransfeldt) and Promoted 4 youngsters(Huang,Blackley,Hyzdu,Mercado) . Finally he traded for West, Buckley and Francis. I like the moves jmas made. And this team is my pick to win the division. And possably the N L. PREDICION:105-57

Houston Colt 45's (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72  I told you this team was a sleeper. They made the playoffs and lost in the second round to the juggernaught Moose.Only a few bats and a couple of pitchers are gone from last years team. BBmogul did add a slugger to the team in a trade. Most holes were filled with late season callups. With the shakeup in Tampa this team is poised to win the Division.

OUT: Paxton Leach, Nigel Hasegawa, Julian Navarro, Adam Pierce, Vic Velazquez, Keith Dolan, Diego Mercedes, Apollo West, Willie Buckley, Rich Ward

IN: John Daniels, Rico Park, Phil Satou, Freddy Lawrence, Stan Fassero, Clarence Cookson, Ben Davis, Odalis Oropesa

PREVIEW: I blew another preview last year. I really felt that this team was ready to step up. Musta been a faulty set of Witch Doctor Chicken Bones. BBmogul started the offseason by allowing a half dozen players to hit free agency(4 Pitchers). Then he traded away 3 solid players . BBmogul did recieve 4 good players in trades(Oropesa,Davis,Cookson,Fassero) and picked up 16 million dollar Daniels on the Wire. He filled the holes with 2 AAA callups and a R-5 player(Lawrence). This year I don't feel this team improved. If Daniels plays like he's paid. This team may make a run but my newest set of Chief Bongwater Chicken bones say: Doubtful!. PREDICTION:82-80

Santa Fe
Santa Fe Sergeis (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:62-100  These rebuilds are a pain in the ass to preview. It sucks spending so much time on a team built from the Bargain Bin. I broke out the magic 8 ball to see what this team will do and it kept smoking and it melted . At least this team has plenty of cap room.

OUT: Raymond Clapp, Arthur Evert, Raul Flores, Enrique Cervantes, Ivan Bautista, Charlie Christensen, Brent Reuschel, Stan Rogers, Donn Payton, Leo Leiter, Ronnie Jones, Edgar Santos, John Daniels

IN: Tony Guerrero, T.J. Herman, B.C. Palacios, Macbeth Lofton, Lorenzo Torres, Tom Hutton, Stuart Mench, Jackson Brooks, Bobby Garland, Eric Milliard, Ramiro Pena, Napoleon Wall, R.J. Lima, James Lee, Oscar Wanatabe, Rodrigo Merced, George Cordova, Footsie Rogers

PREVIEW: Segi did pretty well in his first year . This team was never going to contend and 71 wins was more than I expected. Meanwhile he picked up some nice draft picks . In this off-season Sergi let several old players go to free agency and released a couple more. He also traded away Jones and Santos. And in a suprise move, he waived 16 million dollar man Daniels. The off-season was busy in Santa Fe. Segi went out and brought in a bunch off solid free agents but didn't break the bank. then he promoted several nice young prospects and filled the holes with trades. You know ....I like what I see in this rebuild and this team is my N L dark horse. They will be the most improved from last season. They should give the Stars a run for there money. Good Riddance Daniels Indeed!!PREDICTION:95-67

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92  Well......the move to Austin didn't help this team.In fact the fans were quite unruly near the end of the season.They were bringing cowchips to the game and flinging them at the Austin players. It's an improvement from the Chimp days. But flying excrement is still .....well.....flying excrement. Wylie made a couple of moves but not enough to keep the Chips from flying.

OUT: Burt Harris, Dicky Wilson, Walter Fitzgerald, Al Fernandez, Rodrigo Merced

IN: Deacon Tresh, Jamie Taguchi,

PREVIEW: The Chips were still flying . And the fans in Austin are warming up their arms for the upcoming season. Wylie went in the off-season looking to keep the shit from hitting the Fans. He let Harris go to free agency and released Wilson and Fitzgerald. Finally he traded away Fernandez and Merced. He claimed my pitcher off the Wire (Tresh) and picked up a R-5 Player(Taguchi). Not much of an improvment here but he may bring up some prospects from the Farm. PREDICTION:75-87

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