Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:84-78   Fargo won the Division of  illrepute with a sub .500 record. This was the Dogs first division title and playoff appearance. This season aaronwayne kept the same club intact but upgraded the offense by trading Moreno for Jamison.

OUT: Luke Malloy, Ed Norman, Nicholas Jamison, Vic Chavez, Justin Ellis, Frank Wan

IN: Donn Payton, Don Nunnally, Richard Nichols

PREVIEW: The Prairie Dogs repeated as division champs but lost in the second round of the playoffs. That was to the Champs, so theres no shame in that. Aaronwayne still let a half dozen players leave .Then he signed 3 Free agents to plug them holes. The Dogs lost some talent in free agency.  But he did pick up Type-A Nunnely to replace Jamison and 3 Comp picks.PREDICTION:85-77

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  Pbsilver moved the team from Portland to Minnesota during the offseason. This may be due to  his teams underpreformance last year.Pbsilver has new digs and some new players . He could win this division again.

OUT: Ross Bush, Tom Henley, Desi Bonilla,

IN: Tony Silva, Felix Gao, Orlando Lee, Vic Chavez, Justin Ellis

PREVIEW: Minnesota wasn't very kind to the Misfits. But being the first season in a new ballpark it's understandable . Pbilver let a trio of players go to free agency . He Picked up 2 very good free agent starting pitchers (Gao,Lee)and a Bat. Pb traded for Ellis and picked up Silva off the Wire. Not sure why this team finished under ,500. With the addition of  2 quality pitchers they will be better this season. PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92   It was a rebuild year for Kumbia. And this season he has 10 million in cap room after filling out his roster with mid-level free agents.he will continue his rebuild with draft picks and IFA's.

OUT: Rafael Ferrer, Yoo-Nah Sano, Alexander Stein, J.J. Melhuse, Ramon Suzuki, Matt Dransfeldt, Mac Suzuki, Walt Nation, Horacio Arias

IN: Kiki Duran, Trenidad Drew, Frank Wan, Aurelio Javier, Herman Mulder, Freddie Mohr, Desi Bonilla, Geronimo Candelaria, Armando Vidal, Francisco Sanchez

PREVIEW: It BLOWED UP!!!!  Yep Kumbia set a match to this team and BOOM! That may be why he moved the team to Montreal. Canadians love a good Bon Fire. After the ashes cooled and the emaciated carcass was removed . Kumbia went about rebuilding this team by signing about 50 free agent players....thats right it 50. It took me better than 3o minutes to sift thru the ones assigned to the Bigs. Thanks for that Kumbia!! There still are over 40 still unasigned. So your guess is as good as mine on this team????  PREDICTION:81-81 with an O/U of 25

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:62-100  The Truckstops were abandoned on the side of the road Leaking fluid. District5's overhaul blew up in his face . As he walked away from the carnage he was heard muttering over and over. "It Blowed Up". Dullaghan was nice enough to take over this team in the middle of last season.This team is put together with Duct tape and AAA players. Dullaghan will be picking up IFA's and draft picks this season.

OUT: Fritz Baker, Trenidad Drew

IN: Horacio Arias, Erubiel Pena, Sammy Galvez, Russell Baez, Mike Hyzdu, Matt Buck, Boomer Morton, Hamish Hatfield, Andres Mota

PREVIEW: Dullaghan moved this squad to Chicago after the Aztecs blew town. Now that he has the #1 pick in the draft he will still be looking to rebuild this team. right now they are a bunch of R-5 players and waiver wire pickups. They may play a spoiler late in the season. PREDICTION:62-100

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