Wednesday, June 22, 2011


San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:100-62  I love a Owner that knows what hes got and Rides it. Yeeehaaaww! Ralph has a great core of players and with another year of expierience and some luck. They will have a shot at the Division or a Wild Card. Dejavu'!!!

OUT: Joseph Maeda, Bernie Leary,

IN: Fausto Fernandez, J.J. Clark

PREVIEW: The Crabbers had another 100 win season. No suprise here. Ralph will keep this bunch together for several more seasons. In the offseason he lost only 2 players . He replaced them with free agent Fernandez and traded for Catcher Clark. Most likely Ralph will slug it out with Rugby for the Division. PREDICTION:98-64


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:100-62  Its amazing how Rugby puts a winner on the field every year. He must have Tiger Blood in his veins.

OUT: Kirk Davidson,

IN: Javier Lopez, Wallace Hartman

PREVIEW: The Moose had a great season ......just not as good as the Crabbers. Rugby isn't concerned...methinks . Most of the time it comes down to whos injured and whos healthy. In the offseason the Moose lost Davidson to the Posse. He replaced him with free agent Lopez.Then Rugby picked up a R-5 catcher(Hartman). Like I said above the Moose will battle the Crabs for the Division.Watchout for the Fuzz. PREDICTION:98-64

Atlanta Peachfuzz (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:87-75  One thing for sure ,this team will be throwing out the Geritol. Even though they are a young bunch the talent has improved but still not enough to win the division. Perhaps an outside chance at the #6 seed.

OUT: B.C. Palacios, Esteban Nieves, Lonny Carpenter

IN: Zach Goodwin, Chris James

PREVIEW: Great.... the Peachfuzz did grab the #6 seed as predicted. This young team will only get better so desanders will only make a tweak or two in the offseason. He let 3 players head to free agency(Palacios,Nieves,Carpenter) and replaced them with 2 very Nice Rookies (Goodwin,James). This team got younger(they are the Peachfuzz afterall) and Better. If these Peachfuzz get good coaching they will take Wrigleyville by storm. And they will eat into the Crabbers-Moose dominance. PREDICTION:92-70  Wild Card

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:75-87  The addition of Byrdak and Sellers and 2 R-5 players will win Burlington more games. You will still have to go to the basement to buy a Coat. ehull does have the lowest cap and payroll in the league. he will keep building with great draft picks and IFA's.

OUT: Emmanuel Caseres, Kris Glauber, Rafael Lira, Kevin Martin, Jose Brogna

IN: Marc Lawrence, Teddy Buckley

PREVIEW:The Coat Factories have the bad luck of playing in the Division of Death. With the Juggernaught Crabbers, Moose and the upstart Peachfuzz .The Coat Factories face an uphill battle. With that in mind ,ehull
went into free agency looking to improve. He first let Caseres,Glauber and Lira go to free agency and released Martin. He traded away Brogna and picked up Lawrence and Buckley. Ehull has a pretty good team but this division is brutal. Still he has a shot at a wild card. PREDICTION:84-78

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