Saturday, August 31, 2013

A.L. West Down to Lone Representative

Dominating the regular season with the three best records in the league, the A.L. West came into the playoffs with lofty expectations. But after Salem’s play-in defeat to MVP Ollie Greenwood’s Redtails, and Helena’s heartbreaking game 5 loss to Los Bruins de un idiota bocaza, all the hopes of the A.L. West lie on Arizona’s shoulders.

Helena owner, Sordie, was last seen viciously kicking random puppies while unleashing a seemingly endless torrent of obscenities.  Never gracious in defeat, the long-term Moonbats owner expressed displeasure at the early exit, “Dodgersgale can go f*** himself. Guerra can go f*** himself. I hope Blanco’s f****** arm falls off.”

It’s going to be a long, hard winter in Helena.  But, apparently, there will be nothing long and hard in dodgergale’s breakfast bowl.  At least until he gets Cobra-bit, that is.

Miguel Blanco saved dodgersgale from a most unpleasant meal.

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