Saturday, August 24, 2013


Here are the final power rankings for the regular season! It's been an exciting season with a lot of surprises and it looks like there could be some new teams working their way to the top of the power rankings next season, too.

Rank Team W/L LW Comments
1 Jackson Black Bears 101-56 2 Well deserved #1 spot after a tremendous season
2 Arizona Cobras 100-57 1 Limping to the end
3 Burlington Coat Factory 100-57 3 #3 spot for the champs looking to go for 3rd straight title
4 Salem Salmonbellies 96-61 4 Battling Helena for the WC spots in the AL
5 Helena Barking Moonbats 96-61 6 Battling Salem for the WC spots in the AL
6 Cincinnati Red Light District 91-66 7 Sneaking around in the background of the NL but don’t sleep on them
7 Syracuse Moose 91-66 8 Looking for 1st playoff app since S15 but many more to come in the future
8 Madison Muskellunges 96-61 5 6th playoff app in last 7 seasons
9 New Britain Bruins 84-73 9 Always a threat in the AL with Blanco but will their supporting crew step up?
10 Salt Lake City Utes 89-68 11 Congrats for 1st NL West title in 23 seasons!
11 Charlotte Sometimes 84-73 10 Had some hiccups this season but still a very strong team
12 Austin City Limits 89-68 13 Sliding down the stretch and could miss out on NL playoffs
13 Louisville Redtails 82-75 14 Will two frontline starters make them a favorite in 5-game playoff series?
14 Fargo Prairie Dogs 79-78 12 Kind of caught in the in-between this season. Good things to come
15 Scottsdale Schizoids 76-81 18 Sign on front office door…Wanted: Ace. Apply Within
16 Pittsburgh Pirates 76-81 17 Could never put together that extended win streak this season
17 Colorado Springs Bandits 76-81 15 35-44 home record doomed them
18 Minnesota Misfits 76-81 16 Super fun and super frustrating team for their fans to watch. Lots of offense but very little pitching
19 Washington D.C. Wingdings 73-84 19 Took a step back after 84 wins last season. 24-120 AAA record means help might not be on its way
20 Chicago Black Sox 74-83 21 Could Rich Piper be traded in the future for a huge package of prospects?
21 Boston Knights 74-83 23 Fenway Faithful haven't seen the playoffs since S15. Will we see a revolt soon?
22 Milwaukee Sturgeon 69-88 20 Baseball America doesn't like this team as they didn't have a minor league squad with more than 46 wins
23 Jacksonville Juggernauts 69-88 22 Jacksonville could turn into the next Jackson over the next few seasons
24 Trenton Toyotas 75-82 25 Chip Greer is turning into a star but where is the rest of the gang?
25 Santa Fe Blues 63-94 24 FA market didn't work out this season but vets under contract next season could turn it around quick
26 Tampa Bay Stars 69-88 26 Could SP Matt Gibbons be moved in the offseason for some young studs?
27 Chicago Bleacher Bums 64-93 28 Jamie Bradley with another 40 HR season but needs a lot more help
28 Charleston Tobacco Farmers 69-88 29 Fewest runs scored in the AL for this squad
29 San Francisco Kickapoos 59-98 30 Made the decision to rebuild and it could happen quickly with all the prospects they picked up
30 Cheyenne Bagwell Bashers 63-94 27 Ricky Mann cooled off a bit but will end up with 35+ HR's and 115+  RBI's
31 Little Rock Moonshiners 56-101 32 Talent in the minor leagues even though the major league team struggled this season
32 San Juan Santurce Crabbers 53-104 31 21-57 on the road this season as a bunch of guys must have lost their passports

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