Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Voting Booth: Today's Poll

Dodgersgale's supreme confidence in his team's abilities, especially those of solid batsman but inept fielder Aroldis Guerra (an early favorite to finish second in MVP voting behind the versatile Ollie Greenwood), has him spurting out wild proclamations of self-love in every conceivable direction.  But is this the year the Bruins can actually win their first playoff series in team history after an extended string of failure, or are Dodgey's words as empty as that spot in his brain that would normally house "humility"?

Ashton Kutcher wants to know.

Vote below:

What will dodgersgale be eating after the playoff series with Helena? free polls 

Ashton Kutcher is working on toning down his arrogance
to about a -1 from it's current setting of dodgersgale

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