Monday, August 26, 2013

On the Outside Looking In

There’s no crying in baseball.

Unless you live in Austin.  Then there’s at least sixteen reasons to cry.  That’s the number of seasons since the City Limits last playoff appearance.

The promise of the post-season hung over Austin like a large, happy hanging thing throughout the entirety of the season.  The squad looked good, playing the best ball of its history, even leading its division for stretches.  But when the games were all played and the dust cleared, the City Limits had crashed down to earth with a resounding thud and finished just short.

92 wins.  That blew Austin’s previous season-high win total of 84 wins out of the water.  But it also happened in a year when it took 93 wins to earn a wild card berth.  Tantalizingly close, but just out of reach.

Sorry, wylie, there’s always next year!

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