Sunday, August 25, 2013


Thanks to all who sent in their nominations. Without your parciptation, this Blog would not be possible. Vote to the left ,atop the sidebar. Thanks for a great season ,Good luck to all the playoff teams.-Madmuldoon

OLEMISS33- It's been a long time since this team has been the division winner. In the Inaugural season, this team won the division as the Atlanta Beavers. And only made the post-season as a wildcard twice since.  Olemiss took over this team in disrepair 8 seasons ago and now they are one of the best teams in Wrigleyville. This is what one owner had to say while nominating Olemiss. ----- "I'm nominating olemiss for the Durocher.He has brought a team that won 49 (I repeat 49!!!!!) games just 7 seasons ago in a team that will win over 100 wins this season. I'm not a math teacher or anything (well actually I am) but that's like double the amount of wins!He's done done it the hard way too, hopping on planes to travel all over the world to find the hidden international gems and offered them plenty of American greenbacks, women and booze. Nice job olemiss."

SWISHNEV23-  If this was just about wins, Swish would be a worthy nominee for the Durocher. He won the tough A L West and will be the top seed in the American League. He also stepped up and helped out on our Blog by posting a weekly "Power Rankings". This is what one nominating owner had to say about Swish---------"I would like to nominate swish. He has consistently fielded a solid team, and with his extra work on the blog he deserves a nod this season."

EHULL11-  Another year and looky,looky who sits among the top of the best. Ehull will be going for the 3-peat and has a really good shot at the title. It's amazing how Ehull wins near 100 games every year, Mr Consistancy. This is what a nominating owner had to say.--------"My nomination for the Durocher for this season is ehull11.His accomplishments just can not be ignored. He has not only achieved excellence, he has maintained it. And he built his team the right way -- no tanking, no 'extended' rebuilds, no missteps -- just loads of W's, baby."

SORDIE-  It always amazes me how the Barking Moonbats have never had a losing season ...EVER! And while they haven't won a division in awhile,due to playing in the toughest division. Sordie still has made the playoffs more times than not. One owner had this comment about Sordie.----------" I nominate Sordie , He is one crazy dude!! Crazy good."

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