Thursday, August 14, 2014


Pittsburgh Pirates (AL)
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 In the off-season Ardthomp let Pena, James, Liverman, Miller, Blackburn go to free agency and released Rollins. He signed free agents Lockwood, Leslie, Richard and McKnight. Ard brought in 4 veteran pitchers thru free agency. But the real story here was last years promotion of Hipolito Hernandez. The kid looks good and he could make all the difference in this weak division. The Pirates will be raping, pillaging and plundering all the way to Madagascar.PREDICTION:89-73(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: Hide the babbies and the old ladies , may it do you fine. The Pirates are on pace to win 89 games ,say thakya Big Big. Ardthomp's team has good pitching (4.52 ERA, 1.40 WHIP) and hitting (.278 BA) and are like Wolves descending on the Calla. They are well on their way to the Dark Tower and should win this division easily. It's Ka!


 In the off-season Avantrael re-signed Davey Wise and let Lee and Fernandez go to free agency. He released Halter and Hernandez Then Avantrael signed free agents Alonso and Romo and picked up Saito and Moreno in the R-5.Augusta lost a good bullpen pitcher in Frenandez and their GG center fielder, Hernandez. To replace the Dez's, they picked up some R-5 pitchers(Saito, Moreno) and will plug Del Lee in CF. They are not upgrades and the Northmen will hope that Junior Sano and Alex Olivares can overcome their loss. Methinks not. PREDICTION:70-92

AT THE BREAK: The Northmen are going through the motions of a sub 500 season. And it was expected. Avantrael's team is on pace to win about 69 games and will get a good draft pick next year. He did get Andy Vasquez and Esteban Perez in the first round of this years draft.

Louisville RedTails (AL)
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 In the off-season Jmuhtoff let Troncoso, Allen, Lieberthal , Kershaw go to free agency. He released Broxton. and traded away Pryce. Jmuhtoff claimed Wood off the wire and signed free agents Chang, Hill and Rivera. He promoted Gutierrez, Green, Garces and traded for Earley and Tatis. The only free agents I like are Green and Garces. Early is a great add but Tatis will only be effective against lefties. I think the Red Tails are a sub .500 team this year. PREDICTION:77-85

AT THE BREAK: Jmuhtoff's Red Tails are playing below 500...way below 500. With only 37 wins at the All-Star break it looks like they have taken a step back after last years 83 wins. You don't have to look far for the culprit, pitching. Louisville has the worst pitching team in the AL with a ERA of 5.58 and a 1.55  WHIP. Jmuhtoff did pick up slugger Dusty Spence in the first round of the draft so this season isn't a total loss.

New York
New York Life Model Decoys (AL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Fencer re-signed Geronimo Cruz and Cristobal Beltran and let Reed, Hines, Lee, Delgado and Barker go to free agency. He released Jang and Leslie and traded away Price and West. Fencer signed free agents Acosta, Baker, Martinez and picked up Torres and Xavier in the R-5. And he made a Blockbuster trade that brought in Dickerson, Ochoa and Medlen. Fencer raised some eyebrows with his trades and I wont criticize them. But according to the franchise standings, this team is weak defensively but will hit for a high average with not many homers. The rotation will walk many a batter and get hammered by right handed hitting.The bullpen is near the bottom in all categories. This adds up to another losing season in New York, But it will take time for Fencer to right the ship. And thanks for sticking in there Fencer. PREDICTION:67-95

AT THE BREAK: Fencer knew getting this team back on track would take some time and he is looking for a top draft pick next year. So far this season he has made some trades to free up money and picked up Victor Pujols with the #1 overall pick in the draft. I don't see fencer picking up any IFA's with his limited prospect budget but I do see him as a seller at the trade deadline.

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