Thursday, August 14, 2014


Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Daddio re-signed Eddie Locke and let Tenbrink, Ferrer, Guzman, Sanchez, Henry, Matos, Mercado, Laffey, Mullins go to free agency. He claimed Tekotte off the wire and signed free agents Gil, Wood, Goodwin, Prieto, Cabeza, Weston, Arredondo and Davis. The Muskies lost many pitchers and both catchers to free agency but replaced them with veteran free agents. Most are 30 and older and signed short term. Daddio has his Core of Stars and brings in good solid Major Leaguers to field a good team. They should win the division again. PREDICTION:92-70(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: The Muskies are on pace to win 103 games and win this division. Daddios team started out with a 12-8 record and went on a couple runs to overtake the fast starting Toyotas for the division lead, around draft time.Madison has the best hitting team in the N L with a team batting average of .284. Imagine how good this team would be if they could improve the pitching (4.69 team ERA). Daddios guys made it all the way to the World Series so I still think they win this division.

Philadelphia Cheese Steaks (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Gbuck re-signed Jacque Kobayashi and let Hurst, Baker, Green and Taylor go to free agency. He released Espinoza and traded away Earley, Tatis, Ochoa, Medlen and Leon. He signed free agents Vizcaino, Miyakazi, Mota, Tenbrink, Cruz, Toca, Lee and promoted Ausmus. The trades brought in Masaoka, Pryce and Price. With so many moves I have to go to franchise rankings to make my assessment. Defensively and Offensively the Cheese Steaks are in the middle of the pack . The pitching seems to be a little better. Looks like a average year for the Cheese Steaks, PREDICTION:81-81

AT THE BREAK: The Cheese Steaks have surprised me with their gritty play. I predicted a  average season, but they smashed my prediction and are on pace to win 93 games. You go Gbuck! Gbuck has been busy trading players all season and if he can get the right mix.....they may get in the playoffs. Gbuck tells me the secret to this team is Gino's Cheese Steaks. I've always liked Pat's better, but if it would help my team win...I would consider crossing the street??


PREVIEW: In the off-season Sandberg let Elcano, Miller, Delgado, Cunnane go to free agency and lost Trevino to the waiver wire. He promoted Soto and Jackson and traded for Martin and Flores. Last year Sandberg called up his blue-chip prospects (Henderson Glynn , Rich Smart , Daniel Ray Flaherty , Fausto Johnson). The Toyotas have a very good pitching staff with the promotions and with the trades. I think they get to the .500 mark or better. (Late Note from Sandberg: Bump Tyson will be on my ML roster to start the season. ) PREDICTION:82-80

AT THE BREAK: The Toyotas got off to a great start and won 24 of their first 36 games. I like the shiny new Toyotas and they are in the hunt for a wild-card berth with 50 wins at the break. They boast the third best hitting team in the N L with a team batting average of .269. And the pitching is decent with a ERA of 4.02 and a 1.33 WHIP. And Bump Tyson is on the M L Roster and doing quite nicely hitting .272 with a OPS of .760. Sandbergs team is on pace to win 89 games which is 7 games higher than my prediction of 82 wins. Good work Sandberg.

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Patrick let Acosta, Person, Vargas, Martin, Lim, Boucher, Weston and Bennett go to free agency. He signed free agents Leonard, Allen, Marmol, Cordero, King and Dean. The Sturgeons have the highest cap in the league at 125 million and Patrick has spent 122 million so far. Can money buy you a winner...yes....but so far not in Milwaukee. Perhaps this will be the year? It depends on who fills the remaining  4 open slots on this years Major League Roster. Right now they are a expensive average team.PREDICTION: 81-81

AT THE BREAK: The Sturgeons are on pace to win 82 games pretty close to my preview prediction. It's a crime how much Patrick's guys make and play average at best year in and year out. With no prospects picked up in the draft or IFA. It will take some financial voodoo to get Milwaukee on the winning path.

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