Thursday, August 14, 2014


Scottsdale Schizoids (NL)
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 In the off-season I re-signed Chad Krause and let Prieto go to free agency and promoted Cabrera. This is the same team as last year. Late last year I brought up Daryl Schmidt and I hope he gives my rotation some wins. I promoted Cabrera this year because he hit over 400 in S/T and has been hitting .300+ in AAA and deserves a shot at the bigs. Gonna try and win the division but my goal is getting back to the playoffs with my bullpen intact.PREDICTION:96-66 (Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: My team and the whole division came out of the gate asleep. My team was under or near the .500 mark for most of this season. We went on a 9-1 run right before the All-Start break that made my record respectable. My Zoids are on pace to win about 90 games which is below my expectations. My pitching, as usual is great, ranked #2 with a ERA of 3.80 and a 1.19 WHIP.The hitting is O K but needs to improve to win in the post-season. That is if I make it to the post-season , and this is still in doubt.

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Bandits (NL)
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 In the off-season Ressda re-signed Patsy Hartman and let Mamol go to free agency. He signed free agent Towers and promoted Collins and picked up Lowery in the R-5. Collins has arrived to be the ace of the Bandit staff and the Colorado Springs Bandits will try to make another push to get above .500 and beyond.Can they do it? Anything is possible but this division is tough. PREDICTION:82-80

AT THE BREAK: The Bandits are playing about where my preview predicted. They are in second place with 42 wins and are on pace to win about 75 games. I thought this division would be tougher, and the fact that SLC has faltered, may work into Ressda's favor. He did pick up George Bowen in the first round of the draft and he may pick up a good IFA with his leftover prospect cash.

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Utes (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Hoop let Jose, Alonso , Jordan go to free agency and released Owen. He signed free agent Flair and picked up Hernandez in the R-5. The N L West is getting tougher with the Mariners showing signs of improving. It's going to be tough but the Utes should at least get a wild-card.PREDICTION:94-68(Wild Card)

AT THE BREAK: Oh Hoop, what happened?? This team has a ton of talent and I'm very surprised they aren't near the top of the division standings. With the #4 hitting team (2.66 BA, 132 homers) and a decent pitching staff (4.17 ERA, 1.33 WHIP), this team should have a better record. The culprit is the 1 run games record of 12-23. If Hoop can start winning the close ones he may make the playoffs. But it will be tough.


PREVIEW: In the off-season Bbwinks re-signed Rex Maxwell and Shawn Terry .He let Teahen, Brock, Wilson , Sheffield go to free agency and released Resop and Jones. He signed free agents Halter, Nickle and Espinoza. Finally he promoted Ordonez and picked up Ramirez in the R-5. Seattle is a good young team and when BBwinks promotes Don Hamilton and Jeanmar Estrella from AAA they will be even better. Whats scares me more is he has even better talent in AA. It's just a matter of time before they win this division .They will battle for a wild-card and could get one.PREDICTION:86-76

AT THE BREAK: After last years good season, Seattle was primed to take the next step and get into the playoffs. But it looks as if that won't happen. Right now BBwink's team is on pace to win about 66 games, far below my lofty prediction of 86. Seattle has the worst hitting in the National League at a paltry .238. On the bright side of things, BBwink's did pick up Brandon Giolito and Gary Holland in the draft. The youngsters are a long way from the Bigs , but they would be great trade chips next year.

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