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Salem Salmonbellies (AL)
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 In the off-season Mdymond let Gamel and James go to free agency. He released Campos then Forster and Vizcaino was claimed off the wire. Mdymond promoted Hines to fill 1 of the remaining 4 open roster spots. Salem has lowest cap and one of the lowest overall payrolls. Mdymond gets more bang for his buck and his team should make it back to the playoffs. PREDICTION:92-70(Wild Card)

AT THE BREAK: Didn't see this coming. Salem is in the lead at the break with 53 wins. They are on pace to win 94 wins with a team ERA of 4.79 (10th in the AL) and a team batting average of .275 (8th in the AL) kinda makes ya scratch your head.Can Mdymonds team keep it up and win this division with average stats?? Keep rubbing them rabbits feet's working so far.


 In the off-season Swish let Richard, Quinn and Pryce go to free agency. He signed free agent Martin and traded for Lombardi.Arizona still has a young team averaging 26.8 years per player. That also keeps salaries low at 1.9 per player. Swish has 40 million in cap space and has upped his international and HS scouting budget. This makes me lean towards a year where the Cobras ride out the season and pick up some more prospects. They will be back on top in a year or two.PREDICTION:82-80

AT THE BREAK: Swish has his Cobras playing well even though I predicted a average year. Right now his team is on pace to win 89 games, and that may get them a wild-card berth. Arizona has the 3rd best hitting team in the A L with a batting average of .281. And the pitching is pretty good also with a ERA of 4.39 (4th). The numbers don't mean shit when Salem is in front of the Cobras with lower numbers. I guess the only numbers that really count are runs scored...Arizona is behind Salem by 32 runs. Then again Arizona has given up 40 fewer runs..........Oh I give Up! this makes no sense.Time for a drink.


 In the off-season Blitz re-signed Victor Paulino and let Guerrero, Hawkins, Toca and Rekar go to free agency. He signed free agent Surkamp and picked up Mota in the R-5. Vancouver lost a couple bullpen guys and Hawkins will be missed , but Surkamp looks like a good replacement. Toca's bat is also gonna leave a hole but Alex Santana is ready to fill in as the everyday SS. The Blitz are a comin folks and they are the favorites to win the division.And don't count them out in the playoffs... PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: Speaking of making no sense. The World Series Champs are third in the division with only 47 wins. This is pretty much the same bunch as last year that won 99 games. A .273 batting average with a ERA of 4.86 makes for a average team. Unless your the Salem Salmonbellies. The Blitz have won 16 of their last 22 games so they may get back in this. We'll see.

Cheyenne Bagwell Bashers (AL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Carseneau released Dingman, King, Gonzales, Collins and Javier. He lost Tekotte off the waiver wire to Madison.He put a claim in for Larish, Johnson and Tabaka and added them to this years roster.He signed free agents Delgado, Miller, Jordan, Acosta and Diaz. Finally he picked up Beimel and Hermansen in the R-5 draft.With Ned Coleman and Cesar Limon  as the future core of this franchise. Carseneau went out and spent 39 million on free agents to build around them. He still has some talent in the farm system, some ready, some not. I think this team is on it's upward swing to respectability.But they are still a year or 2 from the post-season.PREDICTION:72-90

AT THE BREAK: Carseneau is still putting together his team and they are playing about like I thought. They are on pace to finish the season with a 64-98 record. He did pick up a gem of a player in this years draft at #4 overall Tripp Rasmus."You must be" Trippin Rasmus will be a beast . Carseneau will continue to be busy on the trade chat and will look for a tasty IFA or two.

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