Thursday, August 14, 2014


Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Hatton re-signed Al Carrasco , Coco WestDestin Brow , Ernie Cannon and let Hayes, Cookson and Valdez go to free agency. He signed free agents Lieberthal,Owens,Person to fill his line-up. None of the additions really standout to me and that would make me say they are a near .500 club. But there are some interesting prospects in AAA like Bill Robbins and Miguel Rosario. If they get the call-up who knows ?? PREDICTION:81-81

AT THE BREAK: Hatton's team has exceeded my prediction of a .500 team. Right now they are on pace to win 94 games and are in a 3-way battle for the division. The star of this team is the pitching staff with a ERA of 4.23 and a 1.33 WHIP. The hitting is pretty good also with a team Batting Average of .279. It's too close to call whether or not the Sometimes win the division ,but we may have 3 teams from this division make the post-season.


PREVIEW: In the off-season TC let King, Scott, Karros go to free agency and released Acosta. He signed free agent Guzman and promoted Estrada and Walters. TC upgraded his catching with the addition of perennial All-Star Guzman .And he brought up 2 very nice pitching prospects to solidify the rotation.They may have enough to overtake Charleston, but my guess is they will be a wild-card team.PREDICTION:92-70(Wild-Card)

AT THE BREAK: I  predicted a 92 win season and a wild-card berth for the Blues.  They are on track to win 93 games and are in the mix for a division or a wild card. TC has his team playing well with the best hitting team in the American League with a team batting average of .300. If he can get the pitching fixed, he may make it to the ALCS this year.

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Nwsheehy let Amaral, LeCroy, Wood go to free agency and picked up Funaki in the R-5. The Tabaky Farmers are here to stay. And they should even get better with time and the promotion of Willie Sosa from AAA, whenever that may be.PREDICTION:94-68(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: I really thought the Tabaky Farmers would continue their winning ways after a breakout season last year. But they stumbled out of the gate with a 6-15 record, since then they have started to gain ground on the front running Sometimes and Blues. The first 2 weeks after the All-Star game will be important and Nwsheehy doesn't want to fall to far behind. Charleston may be a buyer if some other team starts selling by the trade deadline.


 In the off-season Bob re-signed Ruben Rosario and let Mota, Castillo, Nickle, Guillon , Miyakazi go to free agency and released Diaz. He signed free agents Sandoval, Quinn,Hawkins,Craddock,Cheung and picked up Tatis in the R-5. Last years team was poor defensively and offensively. The additions will help but Charleston and Santa Fe are pretty good. They may compete for a wild-card but I don't think they will make the post-season.PREDICTION:84-78

AT THE BREAK: Richmond is on pace to win 75 games and are in the basement of a tough division. Bob is still a player or two away from contending and his team is starting to fade after going 3-7 before the All-Star break. The Rebels did add Jerrod FletcherAdam Thole and Henderson Miller in the 1st round of the draft ,so help is on the way.

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