Thursday, August 14, 2014


Jackson Black Bears (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the playoffs the Black Bears beat the Moose in 4 and were upset by the Muskellunges in 5. In the off-season Olemiss let Hartman, Montgomery, Bennett go to free agency and signed free agent Broxton. Olemiss and his Angry Bears are gonna be out for blood after not winning the Series.They are a great team and should win the division. Another World Series Title is probable.PREDICTION:105-57(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: The Black Bears are right where we though they would be. Leading the division and are on pace to win 112 games this year. They are hitting .273 as a team (2nd N L) and have the #1 pitching staff with a WHIP of 1.21 and a 3.19 ERA. Looks like Olemiss will be back in the post season with a first round bye and may get another World Series Ring.


 In the off-season Wish let Towers go to free agency and signed free agent Eovaldi. The Lone Stars are a power house team and with last years N L MVP  Zip Madson.........well....They will be hard to beat.Texas will be in the playoffs as a wild-card.PREDICTION:92-70(Wild Card)

AT THE BREAK: Wish's Lone Stars are projected to win 96 games and are a favorite to get into the playoffs a a wild-card team. Texas has good hitting (.265BA tied for 5th N L) and pitching (3.99 ERA-5th N L). And Zip Madson is on a tear hitting .319 with 2 player of the week awards. I look forward to a rematch in the playoffs now that wish has moved to Texas. I want revenge..LOL.


 In the off-season Svick let Ma, Chang, Sandoval, Tabaka, Adams, Corpas, Cortez go to free agency. He released Estrada, Lane, Sanders, Robinson and Osoria and traded away Lombardi. With most the team gone Svick claimed Romero and Trevino off the waiver wire and signed free agents Barker, Castillo, Collins and Smart. He promoted Barmes, Bailes, Erdos, Suarez and traded for Leon and Davis. Well.....That was a complete dismantling of a team. Svick brought in so many players I will have to look at the Franchise standings to see how this team will play.The starting line-up defensively will be pretty good but the offense is near the bottom of the N L in most categories. The starting rotation will walk many a batter but are average in most categories. The Bullpen is below average for the N L. Looks like another long season in Tampa Bay.PREDICTION:70-92

AT THE BREAK: As predicted in the preview, the Rays are just playing out the season and picking up prospects along the way. Svick added Joseph Kobayashi and Livan Valdez in the IFA market. He also selected Mule WessonKevin Judd and Marv Byrd in the first round of this years draft. Tampa Bay is building a winner and will be one to watch in the near future, but right now they are projected to win 73 games.

Austin City Limits (NL)
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 In the off-season Wylie let Brohawn and Rasmussen go to free agency and signed free agents Ma and O'Donnell. Wylie is getting discouraged with the way his team has performed. He still has high hopes for the City Limits and maybe this will be his year. There is the talent there to win but they have to show me some sign of life before I pick them to make the playoffs.PREDICTION:82-80

 Wylie's team are on pace to win 71 games......another anvil to the head! Damn Roadrunner! Right now the team batting average of .249 is to blame. Wylie also pointed out that his defense leaves much to be desired when he posted this on the chat. "Not bad! I have two players in the top 5 for most bad plays by a CF. That's not easy to do!"
Austin did pick up Artie Freeman in the draft.
Dabba, dabba, dabba, thats all folks!

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