Thursday, August 14, 2014


Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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 In the off -season Jeff re-signed Fernando Urbina , Garry Olsen , Joaquin Pena and let Diaz,Arredondo,Martis, Zurbaran, Mcknight, O'Donnell, Karnuth, Gil and Mercado go to free agency. He claimed Mitchell off the wire and signed free agents Taylor, Pryce, Campos, Jones and Astacio. The Red Light Districts still have a good rotation and bullpen, but the hitting and defense are poor. Jeff lowered his cap space by 20 million so he may be looking to tearing this old team down and re-building (Avg Age 31.8-oldest in Wrigleyville).PREDICTION:75-87

AT THE BREAK: Hey the old guys are in the lead with 43 wins. What? 43 wins? This division used to be a juggernaut and has fallen on tough times. But hey , Jeff has the lead and if they can get in with 77 wins, more power to em. Jeffs old farts pitching and hitting are below average and they give up more runs than they score. So I don't see them winning this division , even if they are in the lead at the All-Star break. He may bring in a player or two before the deadline. Ben Gay and Geritol for all!!


 In the off-season Rugby let Gomez and Allen go to free agency then he re-signed Allen and released him. The Moose are full of super-star players and are a force to be delt with. They should win this division and don't be suprised if they are the ones doing the eating in the playoffs.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

AT THE BREAK: The Moose got out of the gate slow at the start of the season 28-36. Since then they have gone 14-13 and are getting closer to the division lead. Rugby's team will not make my lofty prediction of 100 wins. Right now they are on pace to win about 75 games but I believe they will finish above .500. The pitching (3.94 ERA, 1.29 WHIP) is to good to finish below 500 , but the bats (.248 BA) will have to awaken for this team to get far.

Wichita Wind Sizzlers (NL)
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 In the off-season Z re-signed Mickey Harville and let Cabeza, E Rivera, Pimentel, Gutherie, Powell, Washington, R Rivera and Hill go to free agency. He released Craddock, Prieto, Washington , Cordero and traded away Martin and Flores. Z signed free agents Valdes, Adams, Martin, Elcano, James, Pena, Wilson, Pena and Sosa. He  promoted Renteria and picked up McIntyre in the R-5. Z blew this team up and has 30 million in cap space to transfer to prospects. Look for Wichita to pick up tasty IFA's and win about 60 games. Can you say Re-build!PREDICTION: 62-100

AT THE BREAK: Z's team is riding out the season and adding tasty prospects. He grabbed McKay HoggEugene Baker and Kenny Hoffman in the first round of the draft. and he bought Paul Shibata and Rodrigo Martin in the IFA market. Wichita is well on it's way to building a good team and the futures so bright, Z has to wear shades.

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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PREVIEW: In the off-season Ralph re-signed Aurelio Johnson and let Johns go to free agency. He released Pena, Lockwood ,Sosa and waived Romero. Ralph signed free agents Greisinger and Vincente. At the time of this article , Ralph still had 5 roster spots open. He still has Don ItouJalal MiltonKyle Stevens and Tito Lidle sitting in AAA waiting for the phone call. He may or may not promote them. It's impossible to predict with a incomplete line-up. PREDICTION: None

AT THE BREAK: The Crabbers are on pace to win 62 games. Maybe next year Ralph will promote his studs in AAA. In the meantime he continues to add more Studs to the farm system. Like Wilt Simpson and Jimmie Suarez.

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