Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As most of you already know we lost a long time Owner in sonneboy2000. He was forced to sell the team after his portfolio took a big hit due to the Gulf Splill. Don't tie up all your assets in Oyster Futures is a lesson we all can learn. So in comes a new owner  Hoopcoach07. He reportadly finalized his ownership of this franchise last week by trading two used Failsafe Blowout preventers and a case of John Travolta's Staying Alive Condoms. So now that he has parted with his most prized possesions he moved his team from Anehiem to Witchita and named them the WITCHITA WIND.
I made my way to quaint Witchita by stagecoach and found myself in a dusty windy town on the Kansas Praire. I made my way to the temporary team office at the back of a house of hooch called Beaver Liqours. There sitting behind a old dusty desk littered with ornate statues of Nekked People, was Hoopscoach hisself. He motioned me to a bar stool next to the desk. And I can say with extreme confidence that I felt right at home.
We opened a Bottle of Blantons to wash the dust down our throats then I asked Coach . Tell us about yourself??  Coach poured another drink and replied. "Hey my friend, the name is Paul Chmura. I'm a 26 year old guy in linving in Chicopee, Mass. Got a good old American type family with Mom, Pop and a little brother. I religiously follow the Red Sox, keeping score of just about every game on tv, unless I'm actually at Fenway which happens about 25 times per season.I'm a huge sports fan, basketball would be my favorite if I had to choose, but hockey, baseball, football and golf are right there with it. I Love the Red Sox, Bruins, Knicks and Giants in pro sports...I know odd 2 Boston teams and 2 New York teams. My dad was a Giants fan when I was growing up so I went with the GMen. As for the rest it was left up to me. I used to love the rough and tough Knicks teams of the 90's with Ewing, Starks, Oakley and all those guys. I met Bobby Orr when I was little so I clung to the Bruins and well the Red Sox and Fenway are probably the greatest two things God has given us in the world so that explains that. As for college sports...I'm a Huge UMass fan in all NCAA sports espiecally basketball and football. But when I root for the "big-time" college teams I guess I'd have to say I'm more of a fan of the coaches than the teams which leads me to Duke, Kansas and Michigan State in hoop. Football wise I'll go with Miami, but mostly I just love watching college football. It's the one sport I guyess you could say I don't really have one team I follow and pull for unless you're talking about UMass fighting it out weekly for CAA title in Division 1-aa. Other than that I currently am a high school teacher and have been coaching high school basketball and baseball for 8 years and am currently looking to move into the college ranks"
Oh Boy A red sox Fan , You must love the picture on the Blog of the redsox cutie. But i have another question to Ask before we check out the dancing girls . What is your favorite baseball moment Coach?
He tossed another shot down the old hatch and said. "My best baseball moment was when the Red Sox won the World Series in 04 and 07, but my best moment when I've actually been at a game was being at the 2004 ALCS Game 7 when the Red Sox completed the historic comeback against the Yankees in the Bronx.
Yea there were alot of Yankee haters cheering that one also. Say you and Yankeejoe aught to get along. NOT!!! we both laughed and blubbered that drunken language that can only be understood by other drunks. We partyed at Beaver Liquers till sun up and the last I saw of Coach was when he and two Buxom Beautys Streaked accross the bar with nothing but thier Whistles on.

Welcome to Wrigleyville Coach !!

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