Monday, June 21, 2010


Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST SEASONS RECORD:97-65 (1st Div) (3rd seed playoffs)

OUT: John Abe F/A(Tacoma), Jung Li F/A(Tacoma), Vic Sellers F/A(Spittoons)

IN: Walt Hill F/A(Justice), Eric Durham Promoted

SUMMARY: Last year was the 4th straight year that Hartford finished atop the A L East. And again ARomanos guys faltered in the playoffs. ARomano first allowed Type A Vic "tim" Sellars go to Free agency and picked up the 27th and 45th pick as compensation. he also got a comp pick for John "Lemon" Abe. The Crushers then brought in a veteren closer in Walt "Over the" Hill and promoted a young Set-up/Closer.

PREDICTION: 95-67 (1st in the division)


OUT: Eric Ryan F/A (Moonbats), Ernest Maxwell F/A (Manatees)

IN: Tony Matos Trade (Aztecs), Henry Wells Trade (Moonbats), David Fuentes Trade (Moonbats)

SUMMARY: Last season Jamaicanheat bailed on this Club after spending 30 million in free Agency. Avantrael was gracious in taking over this team . Even with the turmoil this team had there best finish in 4 years. So with some ownership stability this club could start winning. That said, Avantrael let a couple of Old farts go to Free agency. Then brought in some good players in trades with Chicago and Helena.

PREDICTION: 78-84 (4th in the Division)

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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OUT: J.P. Cunningham F/A, George White F/A, Alex Chavez Released , Victor Rodriguez Released (Silverhawks), Patrick Monroe Traded (Stars), Joaquin Morlan Traded(Stars), Kennie Riley Traded(Indians)

IN: Rene Jensen F/A(Moonbats), B.C. McMillan F/A(Justice), Eddie Locke R-5, Dean Fitzgerald R-5, Napoleon Ledee Trade (Stars)

SUMMARY: Remember in Season 8 when the Howlers played in the Series. Yea, after the last two years of sub .500 baseball, I forgot about it also . I'm sure Jmuhtoff would give his left testical just to make the playoffs  .LOL !! But thankfully no one in Wrigleyville is willing to trade for Testicals. So he increased his payroll 8 million and let several old players go thru free agency and released a couple of others. Then he traded some Youngsters to the Stars for a slugging CF'er that wants 6 million. He then went a shopping and picked up two Bullpen arms for 6 million apiece.Jmuhtoff then plugged the holes with a couple of R-5 pitchers.

PREDICTION: 81-81 (3rd in the Division)

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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OUT: Virgil Pulido F/A (Aztecs), Odalis Fernandez Released, Iago Tracy Released, Chili Peterson Released

IN: Amos Loiselle F/A (Vancouver), Sammy Campos Promoted, Artie Forrester Promoted, Oswaldo Silva Promoted, Scott Glass R-5, Aramis Crespo Trade (Manatees), Pablo Vega Trade (Chimps), Kennie Riley Trade (Howlers), Julio Colon Trade (Justice)

SUMMARY: The Injuns took a step back last season which was a suprise. After last seasons signing of "The Donut" ardthomp and myself both thought this club could win 81 games . Boy was we wrong! With the taint finally washed out of Ardthomps shorts he released several underpreformers and allowed Pulido to go to F/Agency . He then signed one of my pitching castoofs to a resonable contract and brought up Campos and Forrester to the Bigs. Then in flurry of trades he brought in some decent talent and finished with a nice R-5 pick-up.

PREDICTION: 85-77 2nd in the Division (May get lucky with a Wild Card)

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