Wednesday, June 23, 2010


LAST SEASON RECORD: 91-71 (1st Div) ( 3rd seed in Playoffs)

OUT: David Martin F/A (Portland), Nicholas Meluskey F/A (New Orleans)


SUMMARY: The Moose won this division and bounced back from a disappointing season 9. so rugby decided that he had some team chemistry and kept this bunch of Moosers together. The only Moose that got Loose were Martin and Meluskey. The Moose did recieve the 28th and 37th pick in the draft as Compensationfor Martin.

PREDICTION: 95-67 (2nd in the Division) (Wild Card)

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 88-74 (2nd Div) (6th seed in Playoffs)

OUT:  Brandon Farley Released, Harry Pena Traded (Turkeys), Johnny Stone Traded (Turkeys), Vince Christenson Waived (Turkeys), Harry Nieves Waived ( Rattlers)

IN: Joseph Maeda Claimed (Kickapoos)

SUMMARY: The Santurce Crabbers slugged it out with the moose last season and settled for a wild card berth. Ralphs bunch are a tough little crustaceans who don't make the big bucks. But they play like King Crabs. So in keeping with Ralphs Philosophy of keeping salaries low and winning.Ralph Waived two players which freed up 7 million in cap space. He then traded two killer players to the Turkeys for a Killer Shortstop in Ryan Vaughn .Who should make his M L Debut soon. Finally he surfed the Wire and picked up a Kickapoo castoff.

PREDICTION: 96-66 (1st in the Division)

Toledo Christian Beavers (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 71-91 (3rd Div)

OUT: Cody Sherman F/A, Albert Cox F/A (Rattlers), Albert Renteria F/A (Manatees), Alex Torres F/A, George Brock Released, Lawrence Simon Released

IN: Alfredo Stull F/A (Ectoplasm), Jose Martin F/A (Ectoplasm), Wilt Riggs R-5, Quinn Hatteberg Trade (Blues), Enrique Cordero Trade (Blues)

SUMMARY: Last year was year 2 of the Christian Beavers rebuild plan. Now for year 3 . Bkevin let a bunch of  low level players go and replaced some with Tucson Free Agents. He then picked up a nice CF'er in the R-5 draft and trimmed his roster with some Memphis players that he picked up in a trade.Now that he has added some good players to his lineup alls bkevin can do is sit back and Pray.

PREDICTION: 81-81 (3rd in the division)

LAST SEASON RECORD: 64-98 (4th Div)

OUT: Moises Rodriguez F/A, Milton Oliver F/A, Deivi Moreno F/A, J.R. Burnett F/A, Bill McCracken F/A (Justice), Daryl Lee Released

IN: Leon Helton F/A (Blues), Pete Torres F/A (Tampa Bay), Fausto Ramirez F/A (Fargo), Derrick Sosa F/A (Fargo), Bruce Coggin F/A (Posse), Billy Connor Promoted

SUMMARY: The Tripods are also in a rebuild mode. Boehnerm was still pissed at the way his guys played. So he sent several players packing replaced them from the dicount bin in the back of the Market. This left Boehnerm 20 million under the Cap so he can go after some juicy IFA's. Perhaps he will be back in the playoffs soon.

PREDICTION: 70-92 (4th in the Division)

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