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Portland Pandemonium (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD:99-63 (1st Div) (2nd seed playoffs)

OUT: Rudy Morton F/A , Dion Haynes F/A, Jake Womack Traded (Stars)

IN: David Martin F/A (Moose), Willie Valdez F/A (Toyotas), Harry Paz F/A (Justice), Alexander Duckworth F/A (HipWaders), Bill Lowe F/A (Kickapoos), Jae Kojima Promoted, Lance Jeffcoat R-5

SUMMARY: Last season i thought this team would finish 2nd or 3rd with a Wild card berth. Boy was I suprised when pbsilvers boys won the division in one of the toughest Divisions in Wrigleyville. Don't get me wrong i was happy to see this team go all the way to the LCS. And I believe Pbsilver is beside hisself with Glee. So with last seasons success he tweaked his lineup a tad letting oldman Haynes go and slugger Morton. he then traded Womack and his 7 million contract to the Stars. He increased his Cap to 97 million and went a shopping . Spending 23 million on free agents you would think he was done. Nope! PB then promoted a nice prospect and picked up a good R-5 player.

PREDICTION: 95-67 (2nd in this Division) Possible Wild card

St. Louis
St. Louis Silver Hawks (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD:86-76 (2nd Div) (6th seed playoffs)

OUT: Wiki Arias F/A (Stars), Sid Meyer F/A, Archie Romero F/A (Stugeons), Wayne Myers F/A, Macbeth Lofton F/A (Sturgeons), Mo Swann F/A (Sturgeons), Russ Newhouser Released (Rattlers)

IN: Geraldo Unamuno F/A (Stars), Victor Rodriguez F/A (Howlers), Fred O'Shea F/A (Aztecs), Todd Ojeda F/A (Turkeys), Larry Montgomery F/A (wind), Willy Daniels F/A (Salmonbellies), Maximo Cochrane F/A (Salmonbellies)Ronn Carpenter R-5

SUMMARY: The Good News : the Silverhawks made the playoffs again (9 out of 10 years). The Bad News : they didn't win thier 3rd World Series. So with the highest cap of all the teams shynent will live and die by free agency. Draft? Draft? We don't need no stinking Draft!! First Shynent let several players go which freed up 34.4 million . With all that cap space he went a shopping.After spending 23.7 of his cap space he now has 20 some million left in cap space. Oh he did pick up a R-5 right fielder who makes a pedestrian 327K.Damn I'd hate to be that player. Driving up to the stadium parking lot in a Yugo full of Hummers and Benz's.

PREDICTION: 81-81 (3rd in this division)

LAST SEASON RECORD:85-77 (3rd Div)

OUT: Fred O'Shea F/A (Silverhawks), Charlie Christensen F/A (Stars), Rickey Strange F/A, Pete Potvin F/A (Justice), Luis Campos F/A (Prairie Dogs), David Cervantes F/A, Glen Cuyler F/A, Dude Cosby Released, Luis Rios Released, Tony Matos Traded (Knights)

IN: Mike Barnes F/A (Howlers), Armando Ortega F/A (Turkeys), Virgil Pulido F/A (Indians), Albert Uribe F/A (Rattlers), David Nunez F/A (Wind), Edgar Flores Promoted

SUMMARY: After winning this Division the last two years the Aztecs were expected to threepeat. But they unexpectedly faltered and missed the playoffs by 1 game. Kumbia figured it was his older high priced veterns that faded down the stretch. So he cleaned house .Giving 9 players there walking papers and trading All-Star closer Matos to Boston. So he could promote Pitching Phenom Flores who could be a future FOY. He went and spent about 20 million on free agents to replace the dearly departed.

PREDICTION: 100-62 (1st in this division)

Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD:65-97 (4th in the Division)

OUT: Fausto Ramirez F/A (Tripods), Derrick Sosa F/A (Tripods), Andy Beck F/A, Mike McCormick Released, Duane Thompson Released

IN: Albert Runyan Claimed (Toyotas), Luis Campos F/A (Aztecs), Rip Meares F/A (Sturgeons), John Merrick F/A (Sturgeons), Juan Alvarado F/A (Stars), Paul Miles Promoted, Kirby Blair R-5, Tony Pena Trade (Stars)

SUMMARY: Aaronwayne just finished his second year of his rebuild. He now has a Cap of 61 Million ,the lowest in Wrigleyville. With that in mind he frugally allowed some contracts to expire and picked up waiver specials and low level free agents. he then plugged some gaps with promotions and a R-5. He did pick up a nice 25 year old pitcher to burn some innings.

PREDICTION: 77-85 (4th in this Division)

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