Sunday, June 20, 2010


Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 113-49 (1st Div) (1st seed playoffs) (World Champs)

OUT: Garret Nelson F/A , Calvin Rivera F/A(Albuquerque), Rich RandoF/A(San Francisco), Rene JensenF/A(Cincinnati), Henry Wells Traded(Boston) ,David FuentesTraded(Boston)

IN: Eric RyanF/A (Boston), Rob White Promoted, Hugh MatthewsPromoted, Farmer KennedyPromoted, Stan Rogers R-5

SUMMARY: The Moonbats had a great year winning thier second World Series . After the parades and the appearances on the Talk Show circuit. It came down to several guys wanting to get paid big bucks . So say goodbye moonbat fans to Nelson,Rivera,Rando and Jensen. They are looking to parley thier world series success into big new contracts. Sordie did pick up some draft picks and decided to trade Wells and Fuentes for a nice pitching prospect in Del Lopez. Who should make his ML debut soon. He then signed free agent Ryan and promoted a trio of players to plug the holes left by the exodus. Finally Sordie grabbed an R-5 pitcher to round out his rotation.

PREDICTION: 102-60 1st in the Division

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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OUT: Andrew WoodwardF/A, Donn HarrisF/A(New Orleans), Mateo MercadoF/A, Jamey RichardsonF/A(Albuquerque), Rudy DavisF/A , Maximo CochraneReleased(St Louis), Iago ChristensenReleased

IN: Brett Stein R-5, Calvin Zhang R-5

SUMMARY: Last Year mdymond brought this team back to respectability with a .500 record. Now he hopes to get this team thier first playoff berth. He also has one of the lowest overall payrolls in the league. He let several low level players go to free agency and released a few others. Then mdymond picked up a couple bargains in the R-5 draft.At the time of this writing he has to fill 3 roster spots on his M L team .Probably 3 pitchers.

PREDICTION: 85-77 3rd in the division

Albuquerque Turkeys (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD:69-93 (3rd Div)

OUT:  Todd OjedaF/A(St Louis), Rick BradfordF/A(Tucson), Norm DanielsF/A, Armando OrtegaF/A(Aztecs), Eric KyddF/A, R.A. BaileyF/A, Jimmie GonzalezTraded(New Orleans)

IN: Vince ChristensonWaiver Claim, David BoydF/A, Calvin RiveraF/A, Jamey RichardsonF/A, Al GomezF/A, Nicholas MorrisF/A, Harry MercadoF/A, Karl SpeierF/A, Harry PenaTrade(San Juan), Johnny StoneTrade(San Juan)

SUMMARY: Big Daddy Jared had another rebuilding season last year. And this year is no different. A Myriad of players left for the free agent market .Then Big Daddy Traded Gonzalez back to the Hipwaders after his demotion last year. B. D. J. then Claimed a nice player from San Juan and spent 40 million at the Free Agent market. But Big Daddy Jared wasn't finished yet. He engineered a great trade with San Juan and picked up a Young Slugger and a Promising SS.

PREDICTION: 93- 69 2nd in the division. wild card berth.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Rattlers (AL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD:56-106 (4th Div)

OUT: George ParrishF/A, Bud ShelleyF/A, Kelvin RussellF/A, David BoydF/A(Turkeys), Albert UribeF/A(Aztecs), Scot KirwanF/A(Spittoons), Michael BaxterReleased, David RigdonReleased, Bobby ShawReleased, Walt ParkWaived(Seattle)

IN: Harry NievesClaimed(San Juan), Joshua CarsonF/A, Ben TowersF/A, Tito ParkerF/A, Daryl LeeF/A, Albert CoxF/A, Russ NewhouserF/A, Yuniesky LeePromoted, Joshua CarsonPromoted, Rube TebeauPromoted, Phil SatouPromoted, Ricky MannPromoted, Enrique OrtegaPromoted, Francisco SanchezR-5, Bob DaleyR-5

SUMMARY: With one of the highest payrolls in Wrigleyville. The Famous Las Vegas franchise was disapointed in thier performance. Drewaely let several aging players go to free agency. Then he released several under achievers and waived SS Park. Then he went on a rebuild . Already with a solid core of high priced players. Drewaely chose to add lower priced players and promote players from within the organization. Then picked up a couple good players in the R-5 draft. Now he has a 15 million cap cushion to add some players down the road ,or pick up a good IFA.

PREDICTION: 70-92 4th in the division

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