Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 99-63 (1st Div) (2nd seed in Playoffs)

OUT: Geraldo Unamuno F/A (Silverhawks), Sean Pellow F/A (Wind), Marty Evans F/A, Al Lieber F/A, Harry Mercado F/A (turkeys), Pete Torres F/A (Tripods), Juan Alvarado F/A (Prairie Dogs), Bryan James F/A (Hipwaders), Napoleon Ledee Traded (Howlers), Tony Pena Traded (Prairie Dogs)

IN: Charlie Christensen F/A (Aztecs), Wiki Arias F/A (Silverhawks), Gill Kline Promoted, Jake Womack Trade (Pandemonium), Hugh Lloyd Trade (Manatee), Joaquin Morlan Trade (Howlers), Patrick Monroe Trade (Howlers)

SUMMARY: Again the Stars won the Division and hoped to repeat in the World Series. But they were upended in the NLCS. So Jmas decided to rebuild this team via Free agency. He let 8 players leave to the land of free agency. Then shipped a couple of players to Cincy and Fargo via the trade routes. Jmas then had money to Arb some players and bring in a couple of Free agents. He then Promoted a veteren Slugger and filled out his roster with trades.

PREDICTION: 87-75 (1st in the division)

Jacksonville Manatees (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 77-85 (2nd Div)

OUT: Javier Sojo F/A, Jude Cunningham Released, Hugh Lloyd Traded (Stars), Aramis Crespo Traded (Injuns)

IN: Albert Renteria F/A (Toledo), Paxton Leach F/A (Portland), Al Harding F/A (Kickapoos), Ernest Maxwell F/A (Boston), Chuck Sosa Promoted, Lariel Hernandez Promoted, John Hubbard R-5

SUMMARY:  After the Manatees made the playoffs two years ago. They faltered last season missing the playoffs and finished below .500. So Sand put down the Bottle and sobered up enough to let 3rdbaseman Sojo go to free agency.Sand Then traded away a couple of players to free up 10 million in cap space.Now with some extra Cash, he broke out his wallet and bought Al "58 Million" Harding. After blowing his wad on Harding he he signed a couple more low level free agents . Sand then promoted some veteran players to fill out the Roster. Now Sand uncork a fresh one and watch em play!!

PREDICTION: 85-77 (2nd in the Division) (Wild Card)

New Orleans
New Orleans Hip Waders (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 77-85 (3rd Div)

OUT: Carl Wright F/A, Rick Rose F/A, Alexander Duckworth F/A (Portland), Aramis Flores Traded (Jackson), Adrian Webster Traded (Turkeys)

IN: Bryan James F/A (Stars), Dennis Burke F/A (Vancouver), Nicholas Meluskey F/A (Moose), Donn Harris F/A (Salmonbellies), Preston Thompson Promoted, Ivan James Trade (Blues), Jimmie Gonzalez Trade (Turkeys)

SUMMARY: Will this be the year that the Hip Waders quit taking on water? After another sub 500 season ,lagzilla hopes to win the division and hit the playoffs. He first let some old geriatric players go to free agency. Lags traded a couple of players and in return he brought back Jimmie"Top" Gonzalez to solidify the Rotation. He then went to the Market and bought several veteran players for about 10 Million. And finally he traded for a DH in the twilight of his career.

PREDICTION: 82-80 (3rd in the Division)

Charlotte Chimps (NL)
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OUT: Gene Eaton F/A (Salmonbellies), Rico Duran F/A, Bernie Ortiz F/A, Pablo Vega Traded (Injuns)

IN: Stuart Hausmann Claimed

SUMMARY: It seems that Wylie is in the 11th year of a rebuild. All kidding aside Wylie kept the same crew together for another year . he did let several aging players go and traded Vega to the Indians. He also grabbed a player off the wire to help out this year.

PREDICTION: 70-92 (4th in the Division)

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