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Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 82-80 (1st Div) ( 4th seed in Playoffs)

OUT: Junior Machado F/A, Eric Stark F/A, Napoleon Stokes F/A

IN: Vic Sellers F/A (Crushers), Hugh Wells F/A (Howlers), Scot Kirwan F/A (Rattlers), Les Guerrero F/A (Tucson), Kris Karros Promoted

SUMMARY: Hide the Women and Children. The Spittoons are division winners and in the playoffs. Yes, I know it's a weak Division . But Zee is in the playoffs none the less. He raised his Cap to 100 million let some players leave. Then he went to the Market and spent 19 million on players. then he promoted the #1 overall pick in the Season 8 Draft. So Close the Shutters and lock your Daughters in there rooms .Here come the New and improved Spittoons!!

PREDICTION: 91-71 (1st in the Division)

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 78-84 (2nd Div)

OUT: John Merrick F/A (Fargo), Al Gomez F/A (Turkey), Rip Meares F/A (Fargo), Mitch Wilson F/A, Mitch Wilson F/A, Hades Meacham Released, Fred Lowe Released, Dennis Cressend Released (Justice)

IN: Archie Romero F/A (Silverhawks), Mo Swann F/A (Silverhawks), Macbeth Lofton F/A (Silverhawks), Jacob Kwon R-5, Rick Cashman R-5

SUMMARY: The Sturgeons were floating belly up in season 9. So last season Pat decided to clean house and restocked his team hoping they would swim up stream. Last year they did improve but still have a long way to swim to make the playoffs. Pat007 doesn't believe in scouting draft or internationals.He has 4 first round picks with no scouting. His mantra is" I'll  draft unknowns and buy the known". He let 8 players go by either Free agency or by releasing them. He then targeted St Louis free agents.Spending 16 million for them. To save some cash Pat filled the gaps with a couple of R-5 players .

PREDICTION: 81-81 (2nd in the Division)

LAST SEASON RECORD: 71-91 (3rd Div)

OUT: Willie Valdez Released (Porland), Albert Runyan Waived (Fargo)

IN: Mark Liniak F/A (Charleston), Tommie Parrish F/A (San Diego), Jung Li F/A (Hartford), John Abe F/A (Hartford), Dennis Damon R-5

SUMMARY: After winning the division 4 straight years the Tacomas had a Fire sale and began rebuilding. So its not suprising that they finished under 500 last season. Sandberg Contiued his ways in the offseason by releasing Valdez and Runyan. Then brought in a quartet of free agents and a R-5 pickup. Most of his moves were made late last season when he traded for several prospects and as soon as they hit the bigs look for this team to contend.

PREDICTION: 71-91 (3rd in the division)

Seattle Supersonics (NL)
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LAST SEASON RECORD: 66-96 (4th Div)

OUT: Jerry Prince F/A, Victor Cedeno F/A

IN: Walt Park Claimed (Rattlers), Vinny Nomo F/A (Tacoma), Turner Sheridan F/A (Charleston), Duane Thompson F/A (Fargo), Joel Crane R-5, Cam Sanders R-5

SUMMARY: As I predicted last season the Supersonics were not going to wow us. They were rebuilding with all them 1st round picks. This season he lowered his cap from 95 million to 80 million. Kevin put more money into scouting and training and medical. he then went out a spent more Money on coaching. He let a couple of ageing players go . Kevin then went and spent 8 million on a trio of free agents and claimed an old SS on the wire. Finally he picked up a couple of R-5's to trim out his roster.

PREDICTION: 70-92 (4th in the division)

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